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  1. Flag Day June 14

    Flag Day June 14

    I enlarged my picture of the flag, blended 3 papers into it, erased the papers in the framed portion and some of the papers in the journaling area. The journaling is from Wikipedia.
  2. Punk knows everything of digging holes

    Punk knows everything of digging holes

    Made for the Big Photo challenge. I took an oldie and made is full page. Blended some paper in and used the stamp filter to get some sand structure back. Also lighting effects and a shape layer (blended into background. I colored Karen overlay (clipped a color layer to it)
  3. Ride-on.jpg


  4. Buttercups


    I used the photomask twice, resized to fit my needs. The colors in this collection are FABULOUS!!!
  5. So Very Grateful

    So Very Grateful

  6. Prepare them to Fly

    Prepare them to Fly

  7. So Grateful

    So Grateful

    so very grateful for time spent with good friends in this season of life.
  8. Mother


    My least favorite word used to describe me was "widow." I've been called several things in the last couple of years...cougar, friend, sister, biker babe, and wife, once again. But I still think my favorite descriptive name is, and will always be, Mother!
  9. Here Comes the Sun

    Here Comes the Sun

  10. Karen Schulz Designs

    Are you an Empty Nester, or Soon-to-Be one? Breaking News! Find Freebie here!

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  11. Earth Fairy

    Earth Fairy

  12. OS-15-BD-WhiteSpace.jpg


  13. Chasing Rainbows

    Chasing Rainbows

  14. Here Comes the Sun

    Here Comes the Sun

    Created using Karen Schulz Here Comes the Sun Kit and Heartstrings Scrap Art Family Story Template
  15. Karen Schulz Designs

    Bokeh Brushes and Overlays by Karen Schulz Designs

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