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  1. Siggie March 2022

    Siggie March 2022

    Inspired by this thread in the forum...
  2. Karen-Schulz- Possibilities, Tips and Tricks Blend Modes

    Karen-Schulz- Possibilities, Tips and Tricks Blend Modes

    I learned how to do blend modes a while ago, but I love refresher tuts because it reminds me to try different blends for things I might not try. I did the heart in overlay mode for the final choice, though at first, I liked Vivid, but it fits better with overlay. I wouldn't have thought so...
  3. Daydream believer

    Daydream believer

  4. January Challenge #4

    January Challenge #4

    Created for the Big Photo Challenge. I used the full canvas for my photo of a little park that my granddaughter took for me. I used 2 different photo "sketch" filters and played with the sliders to give until it had the "look" I wanted. The border around the outside and all of the elements are...
  5. 22-01_ks-challenge-january


    Tips & Tricks Challenge with Karen Schulz: dodge and burntool https://oscraps.com/community/threads/tips-tricks-challenge-with-karen-schulz.34750/#post-612441
  6. If not now...

    If not now...

  7. More Ideas Than Time

    More Ideas Than Time

  8. Possibilities.jpg


    I love to blend papers, so most of my LOs I do that. Same her - paper 18 over paper 17 in darker color mode. Lots of paint and accents build up from the background for interest and texture. Where possible, I have used the hand-drawn elements for continuity. Journaling reads: I am the woman I...