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  1. Choose your formula !

    Choose your formula !

    Created with the pack : "In The Wild" and "APP Stravage" and "APP Ikigaï" by Anna Aspnes and "Torn Papers 01" by Karen Shulz. Pictures Pixabay. Personnal WA.
  2. Empty Nesters  by Karen Schulz Designs

    Empty Nesters by Karen Schulz Designs

    Empty Nesters collection by Karen Schulz is September Featured Product I chose to use photos of our travels around the world for my Layout
  3. Empty Nesters Sampler

    Empty Nesters Sampler

    September Use It All Challenge Empty Nest Sampler by Karen Schulz https://oscraps.com/community/threads/use-it-all-challenge-with-karen-schulz-september-2023.38160/ Photo of hubby and me at Lake Tahoe
  4. sweet-summer-delights-02


  5. sweet-summer-delights-01


  6. Khyber Pass

    Khyber Pass

    Photos of Aunt Mary and Uncle Jim Lamb Journaling Several times a month, Jim would escort the bus and truck caravan from Kabul through the Khyber Pass into either India or Pakistan - about 300 miles. He carried water and food plus repair supplies in the jeep. The road from Kabul to the...
  7. Kabul, Afghanistan

    Kabul, Afghanistan

    Photos of Aunt Mary and Uncle Jim Lamb taken in Afghanistan Journaling: Jim Lamb’s lengthy background in the trucking and bus industry in the states brought the offer of working with the Afghanistan government and the trucking industry there. They moved to Kabul, Afghanistan in January 1960...
  8. Love My Dog sampler

    Love My Dog sampler

    August Use It All Challenge by Karen Schulz Love My Dog mini And other items from Love My Dog Kit https://oscraps.com/community/threads/use-it-all-challenge-with-karen-schulz-august-2023.38074/#post-672584
  9. Embrace-the-Possibilities


    Strawberry Lemonade Kit by Karen Schulz Happy As A Strawberry Mini Kit by NLD Designs
  10. Gallery-Dreaming-of-Summer-Days.jpg


    Beach Day Kit by Karen Schulz
  11. Smell-the-sea


    Beach Day Kit by Karen Schulz Still Life Collection: Alphabet Photo Masks (Upper Case) + Line Frames Element Pack by Joanne Brisebois
  12. Day 1 Destroyed

    Day 1 Destroyed

    For the title label, I used the Impact Label and Impact Label Reversed Fonts. To make it look more like a label, I used a small bevel on the on the Impact Label Font and then used Emboss on the Impact Label Reversed Font.
  13. mothers and daughters

    mothers and daughters

    Mothers and Daughters Collection by Karen Schulz design Picture my mother in law and my sister in law thanks for looking
  14. Our New Camper Betsy 2017

    Our New Camper Betsy 2017

    Chart Your Course Kit by Karen Schulz Template: Layered Template No. 5 by Mediterranka
  15. Sweet Easter

    Sweet Easter

    I used the amazing Vintage Easter Village Collection by Karen Schulz Designs Photo comes from Unsplash
  16. Vintage Easter Village

    Vintage Easter Village

    Vintage Easter Village Collection, by Karen Schulz, is new in the Oscraps store.
  17. These Boots Are Made For Playing

    These Boots Are Made For Playing

    Here Comes The Sun Kit by Karen Schulz
  18. UIA Mar 2023 ks-lucky-me.jpg

    UIA Mar 2023 ks-lucky-me.jpg

    March 23 UIA