1. life live to the max

    life live to the max

  2. we are young

    we are young

  3. love the 80's

    love the 80's

  4. do you remember?

    do you remember?

  5. all about me

    all about me

  6. think spring

    think spring

  7. blossom by blossom

    blossom by blossom

  8. hello spring

    hello spring

  9. own your dreams

    own your dreams

  10. its okay

    its okay

  11. celebrate life

    celebrate life

  12. create layered emotion

    create layered emotion

  13. stand out in the cold

    stand out in the cold

  14. break free

    break free

  15. stay wild

    stay wild

  16. happy talent

    happy talent

  17. play and make art

    play and make art

  18. music soothes the soul

    music soothes the soul

  19. art from the heART

    art from the heART

  20. to be together

    to be together