1. Lakes of Kerry.jpg

    Lakes of Kerry.jpg

    Having a 'wee bit of Irish' in me I needed to celebrate Ireland. The photo is of one of the lakes of Kerry.
  2. Challenge #1

    Challenge #1

    EYE ON SCOTLAND Photos - Glyn's Template - Glyn's Kit - Oscraps - Live Life - GC
  3. Kilkenny Ireland.jpg

    Kilkenny Ireland.jpg

    Made for 2022 April Tic Tac Toe Lace made with a very old brush origin unknown Font Wallace
  4. Stay


    Recently was searching for some old photos and came across one from Ireland, my grandfather's two brothers (one was his twin). My grandfather left home (it was rumored that he was wanted by the law). His younger brother Paddy was imprisoned for his activities in the IRA (later released).