1. Between A Rock and a Hard Place

    Between A Rock and a Hard Place

    Challenge #3 - Quote It I used pics from my son's recent hike at Mammoth Cave National Park and scriptures which have gotten my family thru life's hard moments with the quote "between a rock and a hard place."
  2. Hike the Grand Canyon?

    Hike the Grand Canyon?

  3. Mountain Hike

    Mountain Hike

    Created for Challenge#3- Border Challenge
  4. We Played Hard

    We Played Hard

    This is my oldest grandson on one of our first hikes together. We had a really hard (in agood way) day and were both exhausted. I'll never forget this day though because it was the day I really knew he was becoming an adult and an equal and we really worked as a team Kit Used was Darlene...