1. Annita Elisabeth Charlotte_APP Magoa

    Annita Elisabeth Charlotte_APP Magoa

  2. Dot and Ed EarlyYears

    Dot and Ed EarlyYears

  3. 23-02_Palvinka_ILoveRemembering


  4. Now we know too much

    Now we know too much

    Thinking about how much simpler life was when we had fewer choices and without the constant bombarding with information and news!
  5. Green with Envy

    Green with Envy

  6. 23-02_ks-vintage-school




    Created with Lynne Anzelc Design's "La Mer" and After Midnight Design's "Age of Chivalry Decorations" Photos taken at Saugus Iron Works in 2012 where my grandfather (13 generations back) was taken after the Battle of Dunbar. Hence, our family's arrival in New England. I come from a long line of...
  8. The Joulicours

    The Joulicours

    For the Heritage Challenge
  9. Husband & Sister walking through giant crystals.

    Husband & Sister walking through giant crystals.

    November Challenge #2 - Heritage A photo from a family holiday in Byron Bay NSW 2014. I love visiting Crystal Castle when I’m staying in the area. It’s very relaxing & helps you become a bit more in the moment & mindful. The rare large crystals are amazing & it is also home to the only Stupa...
  10. Tomorrow


  11. Winter Fun

    Winter Fun

  12. anna aspnes-digital art-artplay palette skylark-nadams-brothers.jpg

    anna aspnes-digital art-artplay palette skylark-nadams-brothers.jpg

    Brothers AnnaColor Challenge
  13. Snowball fight

    Snowball fight

    For the November Challenge #2 - Heritage I used "Artful Memories Winter" Collection by Vicki Robinson Designs private photo
  14. Vicki Robinson's Art Journaling Challenge - Recital

    Vicki Robinson's Art Journaling Challenge - Recital

    My MIL was 12 years-old in this photo. I used the prompt DREAM - it's in the quote at bottom left. I needed to capture the lighter yellow of Grammy’s dress and the colors of the flowers so the background is pp09 over mmpp10 in pin light mode, mmpp10 is over pp10 in divide mode. Add Stamps...
  15. Vicki Robinson's Get Creative Challenge Nov 22 - Life on 41st Street

    Vicki Robinson's Get Creative Challenge Nov 22 - Life on 41st Street

    The original of this is not a bad LO - and my wonderful MIL adored it and gave a copy to all her friends - but it's time for an update for a new album. They lived near the old Avondale Mills factory and she remembered wonderful times there. This collection is fabulous for heritage. This...
  16. My Angel Mom

    My Angel Mom

    Today would have been my Mom's 86th birthday, so I decided I was going to scrap her and remember the days when she was here. For the November Challenge #6 - Border
  17. Lily_1915_small.jpg


    This is my paternal grandmother Lily Burrow sawing a log of wood outside of her family's homestead. This photo is dated around 1915. Lily was born in 1897. So she would have been aged around 18 in this photo. One of her brothers is standing opposite to her with one leg up on the log to hold it...
  18. Grandparents_1969_small.jpg


    These are my paternal grandparents, Lily and Roy Thompson, outside their home in Dunedin, New Zealand, sometime around or before 1969. Lily died in 1969. Roy died in 1989. I was born in 1964. I have no memories of my grandmother Lily at all. I have lots of memories of my grandad Roy. I used a...
  19. Gramma Dot

    Gramma Dot

  20. The Car

    The Car

    A heritage photo of my father, aunt and uncle. Wolfgang, older than my father, has a different story, he was sent to the states when he was a young child to avoid Hitler's Youth Group. He became a part of my father's extended family. There is also a story of my grandmother's family taking in a...