1. Herding Cats

    Herding Cats

  2. Scottish beach

    Scottish beach

    Wrapped up in our woollies for a summer in Scotland ;-)
  3. Hawaii


    I had so much fun cleaning up my Dad's old slides in Lightroom, love how they turned out
  4. AnnaLift - Father

    AnnaLift - Father

  5. Savage?


    Bit of a mystery here - a DNA connection on Ancestry sent me this pic of my great-great-uncle and his wife. His brother got my great-gran pregnant behind her husband's back (no secrets in the age of DNA!) BUT it is his wife who is the absolutely twin to my DD. Presumably lots of inbreeding in...
  6. Butlins


    My mum and my sister at Butlins in Scotland :-)
  7. Lars And Gunilla

    Lars And Gunilla

  8. Waikiki


    Probably my first time in the sea :-)
  9. Redcar beach

    Redcar beach

    My Grandmother at the beach in England. This is a mock up I did so I could see what it looked like, and I liked so I have printed out big and I do now actually have this on my wall :-)
  10. Castlepoint


    My sisier and mother and I at the beach shortly after we arrived in New Zealand.
  11. London  bound

    London bound

    MIL and her friends on the boat to London back in the early 60s
  12. Holly Hobbie

    Holly Hobbie

    Me in the 'Holly Hobbie' style clothes my mum sewed for me :-)
  13. This Guy!

    This Guy!

  14. Wise


    My lovely grandmother
  15. Challenge #5.jpg

    Challenge #5.jpg

    Thanks for the tutorial. I now have a different way to blend papers to add to my skill set. This is the result. This photo of myself and 3 siblings was taken in 1954.
  16. 22-05_O_May-Challenge-#-5---Creative-Techniques


    May Challenge # 5 - Creative Techniques https://oscraps.com/community/threads/may-challenge-5-creative-techniques.35483/#post-625032
  17. First  baby

    First baby

    My mother and my sister :-)
  18. Silly at Blackpool

    Silly at Blackpool

    LOVE this capture of my mum and Dad with my gran at the beach in England :-)
  19. Butlins


    My mother and my sister at Butlin's Holiday Park in Scotland
  20. Memories