1. Cooper's Hawk

    Cooper's Hawk

    Early in the morning, while outside on the patio, my daughter points and says, "I see a big bird in the tree." I rush inside to get my camera, and was able to capture the moment. My best photo was where he was practicing a mean stance. Construction: I used ArtPlay Palette Plage Solid Paper #2...
  2. AnnaColor: Hawk in Hood

    AnnaColor: Hawk in Hood

    Photo "borrowed" from a neighbor who posted this on NextDoor. This was taken as we were unthawing from the GTFO aka Great Texas Freeze Out. Thanks for looking.
  3. 2008Mar08 hawk eats

    2008Mar08 hawk eats

    This is my hawk. I have been fattening up the pigeons (annoyed that they eat my bird seed) by now that the pigeons are drawing in hawks I am happy to have fed them. The hawk is shy and I had to take this from inside my house and through pouring rain. TFL Used Box In set 2 by Paint the Moon...