1. To have a child

    To have a child

    I have to say the papers at Oscraps are out of this world! I usually do quite clean, graphic layouts so this was a little different for me - but great fun! CREDITS Papers: Grey Expectations - Paislee Press Hearts: From the Heart brushes - Taylor Made Both OSCRAPS Roses Overlay and...
  2. Daddy's little girl

    Daddy's little girl

    This is my submission for Melanie Colosimo - ODesigner Spotlight challenge of this week (2-8 June) at Oscraps. Credits : ODaddy, the June collab kit by the Oscraps designers Tidy flowers template by Melanie Colosimo at Oscraps
  3. My Little Princess

    My Little Princess

    CREDITS: Everything from Lauraskathi's newest kit, Danielle, available at FPD.... except for the tiara by Flergs available at SBG. TFL!
  4. Daisy


    photo: Max Bolotnikov from flickr paper: Daisies by Stacey Sansom flower: Vintage Florals by Shabby Princess font: Courier New
  5. daddy's girl

    daddy's girl

    I'm doing some layouts for Father's Day. Can't believe that it's just right around the corner...eeeek!! I used the Queen of Quirk's Shy Guy Kit here - she's hosting a contest and giving away this kit (and other goodies) for FREE. check her blog for more details...
  6. Wonder


    photo: originalmulli [naomi] from flickr quote: "April's Quotes" by Shelly Chua template: Round Shapes Pack 01 by Gabi Butcher everything else "Faded Romance" by Stacey Sansom
  7. Dandelion Girl

    Dandelion Girl

    photo: Anita Patterson from morgueFile everything from: Simply Lush by Stacey Sansom font: Marydale
  8. you have stolen my heart

    you have stolen my heart

    my darling niece, isabella at 3 years old (i tried to use the magic extractor, not sure if i did a clean enough job!) credits: paper from the alternative pack word art from fading emotions 2 heart stamp from from the heart all by taylormade =) fonts used: imprint shadow & lainie...
  9. Lucky


    My DD was so funny this day, she kept picking all the 3 leaf clovers and stating that she had found another "lucky clover". Too cute!! Papers - TaylorMade Designs (oscraps) Quench - bunchberry, kiwilime & lemonice (blended) & Touch of Grey Frame - Fei-fei's Stuff...
  10. Hide and Seek

    Hide and Seek

    Hide and Seek; Neiah's favorite game! TFL! "mommy, if i hide behind this tree, do you think daddy can find me? i don't think so, baby. you're the best at this game. yeah. maybe i will let him find me one time so then he will want to play some more." Credits: BG Paper by...
  11. Johanna


    photo: diggerdanno from morguefile paper and frame: Summer Delights by Stacey Sansom flower border: Shabby Sunflowers by Jen Maceyunas font: julie girl's talk
  12. A Baby

    A Baby

    I love babies! This is a LO for my friend,Emily. She's a first time mom to her adorable Hailey Grace. I couldn't resist when I saw her picture, so this is just a little something from me to a friend. TFL! "a baby is sunshine and moonbeams and more brightening your world as never before...
  13. a page i made for a ct call

    a page i made for a ct call

    here is a page i made for a ct call for a brittney ferguson. everything but word art is designed by her
  14. Signature Pose

    Signature Pose

    This is Neiah when she was three (she's now 4). If you think this pic is cute, I've got about 100 more of her posing like this! "at the age of three, you were already known for your signature pose" TFL!!! Credits: All elements & paper by Paislee Press Pink Emporium Kit...
  15. Butterfly Whispers

    Butterfly Whispers

    Credits Almost everything form Tillie's Garden *NEW* - Paint the Moon Designs http://www.oscraps.com/shop/product.php?productid=19975 Other: Old Letters Alpha - Thaty Borges Worn Photo Overlay - Something Blue Studio Designs
  16. Off The Beaten Path

    Off The Beaten Path

    So, this is totally NOT my style...but I just couldn't help it. This LO took on a life of it's own with Fei-fei's Stuff's Whimsicality kit...and I really like the way it came out. I love this picture of my DD walking through the flowers beside the sidewalk. TFL!!! Papers - Whimsicality Floral...
  17. Are You My Mommy

    Are You My Mommy

    This was just the sweetest thing that my DD said to me!! Had so much fun playing around with Shaui's newest kit - Pastelaria - to put this together!! Check her stuff!! Everything from Fei-fei's Stuff Pastelaria kit now available at Oscraps!! Journaling: Mommy, are you my Mommy? Yes...
  18. My Motivation

    My Motivation

    My little DD LOVES to play dress-up. As you can see, those glasses aren't hers! Again, I absolutely love this kit, I had a hard time picking and choosing between paper and elements but it was so much fun! I also used Amanda's fading emotions for the first time; YYYAAAYYYYYYYY! After THREE hours...
  19. I Just Love to Entertain Myself!

    I Just Love to Entertain Myself!

    All pictures contain my sweet little grandaughter, to avoid easy searchs I am not using her first name in my gallery; however, it can be clearly seen on her layouts. If you have any responses please refer to her as Isabella. Thanks so much, Renae! Ashalee Wall - Basic Girl
  20. Perfection


    This is my last one for the challenge...I swear!! :) This is one of my absolute favorite pictures of my youngest DD, Payton, taken at 6 weeks. I had to play around with the blending for a while before I was happy with what I got. TFL!! Papers - Paislee Press Fresh Linens Antique, Fei-fei's...