1. The Goslings

    The Goslings

  2. Waiting


    Our returning geese which I named Don and Betty Draper. Five eggs were hatched yesterday.
  3. On Golden Pond

    On Golden Pond

  4. Welcome Back

    Welcome Back

    Our geese have returned to the pond (anyways I think it's the same pair that returns every year). I named them Don and Betty Draper. They court, nest, and care for the goslings. Then they just leave and we don't see them again for another year.
  5. Falling...Into the Duck Pond

    Falling...Into the Duck Pond

    Journaling Reads: On a recent visit to our favorite park, Jada got a little close to the edge of the pond whilst she was feeding the ducks and geese, and slipped into the very shallow pond. Thank god my best friend was there to grab her before she got to wet. She thought it was very funny and a...