1. Making an entrance.jpg

    Making an entrance.jpg

    This is the La renaissance kit by Lynne anzelc designs. It is a beautiful kit with outstanding graphics.
  2. The Old Story Book

    The Old Story Book

    "Messy Colour” by Cheryl Budden Designs =AT35HaKh9U35SfEsA49Gill0cFvHOFAvy_GzOXmNpsZQaNTPLKz7eD7lKpy000uMgk-9Dd9XOZTAZe_G6xgaFmrGKowGr52YVhXQpF6xo6yciNg8DavpZFcveK7-smVOVzklZzGc8lp5EHLqEYWnOHopSRW-huIWpHI']Digital Scrapbook Kit | Messy Colour by Cheryl Budden/ Lynne Anzelc |Oscraps Digital...
  3. Black Eyed Susan's

    Black Eyed Susan's

  4. A Modest Miasma

    A Modest Miasma

    Made using foxeysquirrel’s Tarot kits
  5. Elia


    Made using foxeysquirrel’s Laoise kits.
  6. Circle of Life

    Circle of Life

    Angel Wings Collection – also available as separate kits Craft Artist pack file format too https://www.oscraps.com/.../digital-scrapbooking...
  7. Into the Serene

    Into the Serene

    Made using foxeysquirrel’s Rebecca and Rebecca’s Blooms kits.
  8. Karen-Schulz-Use-It-All-July.jpg


    Karen Schulz Use It All - Link to the free kit can be found here: https://oscraps.com/community/threads/use-it-all-challenge-with-karen-schulz.35827/ I also used a few elements and a border from Karen Schulz Empty Nesters. I blended all of the papers together.
  9. Of Courage

    Of Courage

    Made using foxeysquirrel’s Spring Madness, and Birds of a Feather kits.
  10. My Dearest Love

    My Dearest Love

  11. Round and Round the Garden

    Round and Round the Garden

    Made using foxeysquirrel’s Spatterpink, Spells, and Royal Pets vol. 3, with elements from Shadow and Things, Castellum, Angry Birds, and Forest Creatures 3
  12. Tonnes of flowers for spring

    Tonnes of flowers for spring

    June challenge # 1 Color Play I love the colours & flowers so much & I’m in the Southern Hemisphere & just waiting for spring now I’m officially in winter.
  13. Soupçonne


    Made using foxeysquirrel’s Temptation Kits.
  14. Remembering You

    Remembering You

    Made using foxeysquirrel’s Messy Flower and Air Pocket kits, with Modern-Jazz-2- Backgrounds, and Linen Bubbles.
  15. The view I'd love.jpg

    The view I'd love.jpg

    this is from the " free spirit" kit from Lynne Anzelc designs.
  16. Simplette_Temporis_page-(3).jpg


    "Temporis" by Simplette This page is one of the quick pages from the album
  17. Simplette_Temporis_page-(2).jpg


    "Temporis" by Simplette This page is one of the quick pages from the album
  18. Simplette_Temporis_page (1).jpg

    Simplette_Temporis_page (1).jpg

    "Temporis" by Simplette
  19. Simplette_FleurBleue_page-(3).jpg


    "Fleur Bleue" by Simplette this page is included as quick page in the album
  20. Simplette_FleurBleue_page-(2).jpg


    "Fleur Bleue" by Simplette this page is included as quick page in the album