1. Dashing Through The Snow

    Dashing Through The Snow

    Dashing Through The Snow by =AZX_KTHVCMATPpdOfoUPi13rQOEDjtz9jKH32PPwpgU3FhXqmG02tkLlmRRX-rDQ3MFHVWzfKpYVTJodPT2tVe5epuL-ujJovZseUs_jBW49QI6sJMI5wdIfwGvHvYpumsZolkPpzbr8gDWeNboCmdVTJFHljNOVcSeJhiml0CqU-w&__tn__=-]K-R']MagicalReality Designs available @ http://bit.ly/3tTMUfM
  2. DashingThrough The Snow

    DashingThrough The Snow

    Dashing Through The Snow by =AZX_KTHVCMATPpdOfoUPi13rQOEDjtz9jKH32PPwpgU3FhXqmG02tkLlmRRX-rDQ3MFHVWzfKpYVTJodPT2tVe5epuL-ujJovZseUs_jBW49QI6sJMI5wdIfwGvHvYpumsZolkPpzbr8gDWeNboCmdVTJFHljNOVcSeJhiml0CqU-w&__tn__=-]K-R']MagicalReality Designs available @ http://bit.ly/3tTMUfM
  3. Father Christmas

    Father Christmas

    Even the animals of the forest are friends with Father Christmas
  4. Special Delivery

    Special Delivery

    I loved Arline Florentino's scene with the polar bear flying the Christmas plane & dropping presents with the little girl watching in wonder. I had to scraplift it. Thank you Arline for the inspiration!
  5. Santa's Workshop

    Santa's Workshop

    Merry Christmas! Wouldn't it be fun to be invited to tour Santa's workshop? 2 page spread… hope you can see the details
  6. Relaxing


    Nothing like a relaxing in a hot sudsy tub after a long day of shopping!
  7. Silent Night

    Silent Night

    The mouse choir sing Silent Night
  8. Driving through Mushroom Forest

    Driving through Mushroom Forest

    Looks like Mr Mouse has found himself a small tree! Just a short drive thru Mushroom Forest, and he'll soon be home with his family in Mouse Town.
  9. Midnight Snack

    Midnight Snack

    I see someone peeking in the window looking for a midnight snack!
  10. Ready for Christmas

    Ready for Christmas

    I fell in love with a scene created by Ana Santos. The toys were placed perfectly under the tree, and the elf holding the lantern was soooo cute! I had to scraplift it! Here's my take on the Elfin Magic. Thank you Ana for the inspiration!
  11. Mmmmm... Cupcake!

    Mmmmm... Cupcake!

    When you're as hungry as a bear, you need a BIG cupcake!
  12. Musical Mice

    Musical Mice

    Who knew mice could sing? And play guitar?!
  13. Gift Exchange

    Gift Exchange

    The bears get together in the forest to exchange gifts
  14. Magic is in the Air

    Magic is in the Air

    Everyone came out to see the balloon races, in spite of the seasonal chill
  15. Stuck in a Snowglobe

    Stuck in a Snowglobe

    I hope the fairy can free Santa from the snow globe in time for Christmas!
  16. Winter Wonderland

    Winter Wonderland

    A magical Christmas scene. This is a 2 page scene, so I hope you can see all the details.
  17. Packing Santa's Sleigh

    Packing Santa's Sleigh

    Two-page spread - hope you can see all the details. There were so many elves helping Santa pack his sleigh, I couldn't fit them on one page!
  18. Gathering Holly

    Gathering Holly

    Gathering holly and berries to decorate for Christmas
  19. Singing Santa

    Singing Santa

    Santa's really rocking out!
  20. Fairy House in the Woods

    Fairy House in the Woods

    I loved Anita's page with the fairy house in the woods. That was my starting point, and this is the result. Thanks Anita for the inspiration!