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  1. Where My Heart Is

    Where My Heart Is

    Created using: In my heart - Collection by Emeto Designs
  2. emeto_In-My-Heart.jpg


    -*NEW January Featured Product* -"In my heart - Collection" by emeto designs
  3. Carol-of-the-Bells-Day-12-Challenge


    Carol of the Bells is my all time favorite Christmas music. I could listen to it all year long.
  4. It's a Most Wonderful Time of the Year--Day 9 Challenge

    It's a Most Wonderful Time of the Year--Day 9 Challenge

    I love realistic and whimsy and this was a fun challenge for creating a snowy scene and seeing the little animals warm and happy inside.
  5. Day 7 - 2021-12-09-mall-haircut.jpg

    Day 7 - 2021-12-09-mall-haircut.jpg

    Day 7 Border Challenge
  6. Christmas avatar Avi Challenge

    Christmas avatar Avi Challenge

    I took this from a video that we created for our new Christmas releases so the picture isn't real clear, but I love it.
  7. Day 1 - Decorate a Tree Template | CHALLENGE

    Day 1 - Decorate a Tree Template | CHALLENGE

    Created using: Oscraps Challenge Freebie - 12 Days of December 2021 by Timounette Christmas Spirit Kit by NLD Designs Christmas story by Emeto Designs Santa's Little Helpers Kit by Emeto Designs
  8. Beachy


    Love scrapping beach pics. Nothing more inspiring than being at the beach and looking at the beautiful ocean. For November Challenge #3 - 52 inspirations using: 52 Inspirations 2021 52 Inspirations 2021 No 21 Floating Frames 4 by ViVa Artistry 52 Inspirations 2021 No 34 Coastal Sunset Clusters...
  9. An Addition to the Family!

    An Addition to the Family!

    Family is everything!
  10. Copycat Baby

    Copycat Baby

    Copied the picture of Noah's grandson layout for this challenge. https://oscraps.com/community/media/noah.353513/ This is my new grandson! To carry through with the bear theme--he's in a bear costume, I added the teddy bear.
  11. Wonderfall


    Journaling reads: The cool autumn air is blowing in. I'm surprised that I still have any blooming flowers, but the nasturtiums are hanging on! 10/20
  12. Shades Of Autumn

    Shades Of Autumn

    Created using Shades Of Autumn by Emeto Designs Photos: My own Font: Stockport
  13. emeto-HelloAutumn.jpg


    *NEW* "Hello Autumn Kit by emeto designs"
  14. Precious moments

    Precious moments

  15. Always in my heart

    Always in my heart

  16. Captured Magic

    Captured Magic

    Kit used Captured Magic be emeto designs Available at Oscraps: https://www.oscraps.com/shop/emeto-Captured-Magic-Collection.html Thanks for looking!!
  17. emeto_CapturedMagic_1.jpg


    -*NEW* -"Captured Magic Collection by emeto designs"
  18. Summer Love

    Summer Love

    Scraping kit: Coastal sunset by emeto designs Available here: https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Coastal-Sunset-Kit-by-emeto.html Thanks for looking and any comments!
  19. Sea 2021

    Sea 2021

    "Coastal Sunset" by emeto designs Photo mine
  20. Coastal sunset

    Coastal sunset

    "Coastal Sunset" by emeto designs Photo mine