1. Disney Family Vaca

    Disney Family Vaca

    Challenge was perfect for this photo from Spring Break 2018 for the album I am working on for my aunt :)
  2. Princess frog

    Princess frog

    Kit "The Frog Prince" From NLD Designs Photo by Holly Spring Photography Thanks for looking :)
  3. Beach Time

    Beach Time

    Just 2 photos from my cruise with my fiance, March '08, while we were at Castaway Cay (Disney's Private Island). Credits: Old Beach House quarterly kit spring '08 by Julie Billingsley at SSD Stitches by Dani Mogstad at SSD Nautical Mile kit by Mikkel Paige at Oscraps Template Craze Vol. 3...
  4. Castaway Cay

    Castaway Cay

    Just a few photos from my vacation with my fiance on the Disney Cruise. Castaway Cay is Disney's private island the ship docks at. It's beautiful! Credits: Template from Cookie Decorating 101 #31 challenge at SSD Gotta Getaway Two Scoops collab at SSD by Manda Bean and Kristin Cronin-Barrow...
  5. Epcot Laughter

    Epcot Laughter

    I created this for One Word Challenge #6, at SSD, for the word "laugh". Credits: A Springy King of Fling two scoops collab by Julie Billingsley and Lauren Grier at Sweet Shoppe Designs Adorned Template 4 (I altered it) by Emily Merritt (when she was at LDD) Doodle Me Big...
  6. Kristen and Jamie in Orlando - Hybrid Tin Album

    Kristen and Jamie in Orlando - Hybrid Tin Album

    This is a tin I made for a gift for 2 other people and I made one for myself while I was at it! So three total. (That's one of the awesome things about hybrid - it's easier to make multiples of a project!) I made the pages ahead of time before my fiance's sister came in for the weekend with...
  7. Disney Bracket Album

    Disney Bracket Album

    this was sooooo quick and fun to put together. After printing and trimming the pages, I sprayed them with Plaid Clear Acrylic Matte Sealer Vix Bracket Album by Amy Teets (ACherryOnTop) Basic Grey Bracket Album Prima Black Swirls Say It In Crystal Prima Center Kisses Prima Petites...
  8. Magical Cruise

    Magical Cruise

    For ADSR 3 Challenge #8 to scrap a trip/vacation! This challenge was PERFECT for me! I swear it couldn't have been better timing! My fiance and I just got home (yesterday) from our 1-week cruise aboard the Disney Magic cruise ship, where he proposed!! Journaling: A dream is a wish your...
  9. Mad Tea Party

    Mad Tea Party

    Photos of a friend and me from the Mad Tea Party ride in Fantasyland at Walt Disney World. Credits: Very Merry Unbirthday kit by Manda Bean and Dani Mogstad at SSD Torn Templates by Sweet Genevieve at Oscraps
  10. Disney Lovin'

    Disney Lovin'

    This is of a photo of my best friend and me at Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World when she came to visit in October. The layout was inspired by Sweet Shoppes Slogan Challenge #9. By Lauren Grier at Sweet Shope Designs: Shes So Lovely paper pack Close Me In frames Stroked paint pack...
  11. Disney's Wonder

    Disney's Wonder

    These photos are from a Disney Cruise with my boyfriend - October 2006. The ship's name is Wonder. By Emily Merritt at Little Dreamer Designs The Jeremy Collection Cheerful Red Clip Alpha Felt Sun from Balmy Christmas kit Stitched Ribbon Frames Ring Ribbon Clusters Word Toppers...
  12. No Snow Holiday

    No Snow Holiday

    We always have "No Snow" holidays here in Florida! Balmy Christmas kit by Emily Merritt at Little Dreamer Designs Chippie Alpha by Emily Merritt at Little Dreamer Designs Peeled and Revealed Action/Template by Traci Murphy and Marcie Reckinger at FPD Font: Digs my Hart
  13. View of the Castle

    View of the Castle

    This photo was taken from the top of Walt Disney World's Contemporary Resort at the California Grill restaurant. My boyfriend took me there for my birthday this past year. It was a great view of Cinderella's castle from there! Wish Upon a Star kit by Holliewood Studios at Oscraps DSD...
  14. Gorillas


    DSD Template by Nikki Beaudreau (for her sketch challenge) Wonky Buttons and Everyday Solids paper (green) by Corina Nielsen at FPD Exotic Adventures Alpha and element pack by Emily Merritt at TDC Glitter Painty Borders by Emily Merritt at TDC Brown and green papers by Michelle Godin from...
  15. Beauty...


    is in the eye of the beholder ;-) I love this photo of my best friend and me at the Magic Kingdom with Lady Tremaine, Drizella and Anastasia. I love the colors of their costumes!! By Emily Merritt at The Digi Chick: Origami flower Blue paper from Jeremy paper pack Funkified Flowers...
  16. Countdown to Disney calendar magnet

    Countdown to Disney calendar magnet

    My dd's are so excited about our impending trip to Disneyland. I included the remaining months until our trip with the big day circled, printed it 4x6 and attached magnet tape to the back so it can sit on the fridge. Each day, the girls can cross off one more day closer to Disney-Day! 110...
  17. Too Cute to Spook

    Too Cute to Spook

    Ghoulish Delight kit by Tara Sroka at MDM Peeled & Revealed Templates/Action by Marcie Reckinger and Tracie Murphy at FPD Classic Black alpha by Genevieve Sass at Oscraps Font: Birdland Aeroplane
  18. Take a Closer Look

    Take a Closer Look

    These photos are from when my parents came to visit me in Orlando in May 2006. This "Vine Lady" at Animal Kingdom is just incredible. She walks around a certain part of the park and just startles passers by as she sneaks out of the trees! She moves very slowly and gracefully and slyly...
  19. This is Halloween

    This is Halloween

    March of the Candy Corn kit by Rachel Young at FPD Torn and Tattered #1 templates by Vicki Stegall at Oscraps Adobe Lightroom presets Stunning and Peeking by Kelsey Smith (on her blog) Fonts: Pea ScrapBrandy, Pea Stacies Doodle Script
  20. Tokyo Castle

    Tokyo Castle

    My forth Disney Castle! I FINALLY made it to Tokyo. What I thought would always be the most impossible park to get to, became much more of a realty when I married DH--it only took eleven years. Photo by DS Genevieve's Be Earthy kit! This is one of my favorites from the BE collection!