1. Lurking Ollie?

    Lurking Ollie?

    Made for the Color Play Challenge I played a bit with the new parametric filters in PS Beta. I used the Holographic one. and clipped a part to an overlay (which i set on Lineair light). The I stamped the layers visible (crt-alt- shift E) and I applied another parametric filter on it...
  2. Coal tit caught by Ollie

    Coal tit caught by Ollie

    I always think of Ollie as a cute little dolt but sometimes he amazes me with his hunting skills. Like this great tit who was caught by him but freed by me (against his wishes, he was very angry). It was paralized from fear but after a few moments he flew away to his mate who was as glad as he...


    THE DAY THE ALIENS ARRIVED Created with the "ALL ABOARD COLLECTION" Pre-Release by Lynne Anzelc and Cheryl Budden.


    Created with Lynne Anzelc Designs "FOREST FRIENDS" https://www.oscraps.com/shop/digital-art-collection-forest-friends-lynne-anzelc.html
  5. Sweet Little 3Pet

    Sweet Little 3Pet

    I used on old Tutorial of Ona (around april 2012). Made sure that the photo was a smart Object Duplicated the photo and applied the High Pass filter on it. then I made a gradient layer above it. That layer was set on the "overlay" blendmode.


    THE MUSHROOM MAIDEN Tassicats Itty Bitty (Oliver's beautiful sister) Created with Lynne Anzelc's "FOREST FRIENDS" https://www.oscraps.com/shop/digital-art-collection-forest-friends-lynne-anzelc.html
  7. Mini Cat Ollie

    Mini Cat Ollie

    I wanted to scrap some old photos which I never used before. I have a lot photos of Ollie but my dark house didn't (and my noisy camera) didn't leave room for awesome photos. With the ghelp of Camera Raw it a dark moderate phot became a cute photo. Ollie didn't want to be photographed and...
  8. The thought of Effen thinking (with translation)

    The thought of Effen thinking (with translation)

    Made with the Super Duper hero collection of out new designer, Connection Keeping. Check out her opening sale! I made the vexel tutorial from Blue Lightning TV and the rersult reminded me of a comic book/ Translation: " "Keep looking sweet for a while. She already looks very guilty. how dare...
  9. Effen in the garden

    Effen in the garden

    Made for the Get Creative challenge from Vicki Robison Journaling: "It was so hot that I pitied Effen for not allowing in the garden. She runs out my garden and something scares her, she freezes and I have to guess where she is.. This time she roamed around, was the victim of Ollies...
  10. Take Time to Relax

    Take Time to Relax

    Karen Schulz has a fun new collection - Take Time to Relax - and how adorable are these sloths??? I blended three of the papers together to get the background look I wanted. I got some texture with the elements I used and the sloths were so cute around the picture of my cat taking a nap.
  11. Taking a nap (or two)

    Taking a nap (or two)

  12. Say Cheese!

    Say Cheese!

    Rachel Jefferies Pocket Art Signature Kit 13. I used some pictures we took of our cat this week. He loves to lay in a box and beside my husband's computer.
  13. Effen in the garden

    Effen in the garden

    Made for the Vicky Robinson Art journal challenge I thought it was too hot in my living room and she didn't want to stay in my coller sleeping room, so I decided to get Effen in the garden. I watched her very carefully because if she escapes, she 'll freezes as something scares her (and I have...
  14. Squizzy Issy Sock Enthusiast

    Squizzy Issy Sock Enthusiast

    August 2022 - Challenge #7 - Oscraps Collaborations A recent sock mystery inspired my page. My kitty family. For a while my socks have been disappearing with more frequency & volume. Luckily not to the lost sock dimension but I would find them in strange places. Only my socks & didn’t...
  15. this must be love

    this must be love

  16. Discord


  17. Birthday Avatar

    Birthday Avatar

    My cat, Sam, peeking at me around the curtain. 52 Inspirations Lynn Grieveson Crushing: Crushing Digital Scrapbooking Mini Kit by Lynn Grieveson at Oscraps Lynn Grieveson Make It Happy: Make It Happy Birthday Celebration Elements for Digital Scrapbooking and Cards (oscraps.com) Lynn Grieveson...
  18. Mårten


    My ruler. LOL
  19. Down the rabbit hole!

    Down the rabbit hole!

    This is a page I designed using a kit called Alice from Lynne Anzelc designs. The story I've told in this depiction is that, Alice was reading her book when she felt something digging in her side. It was a bottle with drink me on it, and as she took a sip from the bottle she started to spin...
  20. I Have Two Cats

    I Have Two Cats