1. I Have Two Cats

    I Have Two Cats

  2. Kitty Cats

    Kitty Cats

    These are my fur "niece" Spice and "nephew" Ziggy.. they belong to my BFF.
  3. Mario & Luigi

    Mario & Luigi

    Oh, how I miss my boys!
  4. The-Cat-Lady 52-2022-05

    The-Cat-Lady 52-2022-05

    She just seemed to be a cat lady. I created the cats from Daz3D. This was the first time I tried a 52 Inspirations Bundle, so having fun with it!
  5. Coco the Cat

    Coco the Cat

    I really made great use of the borders and clusters that are part of the collection for this page. Otherwise, you would not see these amazing clusters on my page. :)
  6. Caro

    Dog or Cat?

    Time for a new poll since the Gnomes poll was so much fun ;) Who wins Dogs or Cats? This can get pretty ugly hee hee
  7. The baby of our family

    The baby of our family

    This comic template is so fun to use.
  8. Issy & Dahlia

    Issy & Dahlia

    My two furry princesses. They both own me & I live to serve. Lol. Fluffy Dahlia is the black cat, she is sitting on my hobbies, on a cutting board & my bike helmet. Issy is the pretty girl on the nana blanket. I collect these blankets & I use them to fight the losing battle of cat hair...
  9. Mediterranka Take Me Home

    Mediterranka Take Me Home

    We rescued our orange tabby, Sam, so this kit was perfect! Mediterranka Take Me Home: Oscraps.com Digital Scrapbook Store | Scrapbooking Ideas :: All New :: Take me home (Full kit) I also used AASPN Template: AASPN Stitched Templates: Anna Aspnes Designs | Digital Scrapbook Designer:Oscraps...
  10. Looking at the rain.

    Looking at the rain.

  11. Vicki Robinson October Challenge

    Vicki Robinson October Challenge

    I took this picture of my hubby with a "captive audience". He always carries treats in his pocket so the dogs watch him constatntly. Now, the cat has joined the "crew". I used Vicki's Autumn Breeze kit and her free Journal Prompts.
  12. Loves of My Life - Day 6

    Loves of My Life - Day 6

    Created for the Anna Aspnes All About Me Challenge
  13. Luca is both Wild & Free

    Luca is both Wild & Free

    Vicki Stegall Designs (Momma O's) September challenge= looking forward to playing and watching our newest addition blossom
  14. Luca


    We weren’t planning on adopting another kitty but we couldn’t resist this face. Luca is the sweetest boy that was rescued on Miami Beach.
  15. Perfect Fur Baby

    Perfect Fur Baby

    Created for the August Multi Photos Challenge The paint used on the dog paw and the orange paper, both from take Me Home, came from Sketchbook Colored Paint 2. All ripped papers created using the Anna Aspnes templates.
  16. Melancholy-40-m.jpg


    Made using foxeysquirrel’s Once Upon a Time kit
  17. Raspberry_MultiFoto_Joan ROBILLARD 600.jpg

    Raspberry_MultiFoto_Joan ROBILLARD 600.jpg

  18. The crochet basket

    The crochet basket

  19. Old & well used bookmark.

    Old & well used bookmark.

    1 thing re: Dogs, it is a joke & I love dogs. I have 2 cats & I love Brave New World. So a favourite author making a funny quote regarding pets. Lol. The insect landed on the old bookmark, so it’s not part of the bookmark. Just adds to the old grittiness & I imagine it on the ground somewhere.
  20. catitude


    the baby and the old gal