#daydream designs

  1. Echoes


    Format A4 - Created with "Echoes" by Daydream Designs
  2. Blue border

    Blue border

    Created with : "Echoes" by DayDream Designs to realize the chall#7 - April - Border with flowers.
  3. Portrait with filters

    Portrait with filters

    Challenge with Ona : Use filters. Page created with "Memoirs" by Daydream Designs Filters (in french) on the picture : Découpage - Pointillisme - Papier humide. Filters on the background : Spherisation & mosaique Picture Pixabay
  4. Spring is Beautiful

    Spring is Beautiful

  5. April 2023 Border Chall #7

    April 2023 Border Chall #7

  6. Nashville Cherry Blossoms

    Nashville Cherry Blossoms

    This layout was made for challenge one-sketch challenge. Spririt Of Spring Page Kit by Daydream Designs Spririt Of Spring WordArt by Daydream Designs *Stitching: 52 Inspirations 2022 No 35 Sinopia the Extended Kit by Rachel Jefferies Photo: Pixabay *Photo is from Pixabay
  7. April Challenge#7 Border.jpg

    April Challenge#7 Border.jpg

    Join me in the April Border Only Challenge!
  8. Peace in the Garden

    Peace in the Garden

  9. Dreaming of you

    Dreaming of you

    Page WA #chall 4 realized with : "Letter Home" by Daydream designs
  10. Challenge #2 Lyrics and Poems.jpg

    Challenge #2 Lyrics and Poems.jpg

    I chose the colour Pink
  11. Challenge #3 Recipe.jpg

    Challenge #3 Recipe.jpg

    It is always fun to do a Recipe Challenge.
  12. BE Yesterday Once More Daydream

    BE Yesterday Once More Daydream

    March Challenge #6 - Copy Cat https://oscraps.com/community/threads/march-challenge-6-copycat.37266/
  13. for a little tenderness

    for a little tenderness

    Realized with the fabulous collection : "Echoes" by DayDream Designs Personal torn papers.
  14. Life is like...

    Life is like...

    Time For Tea Collection By Daydream Designs
  15. Challenge #7 Quote to Word Art.jpg

    Challenge #7 Quote to Word Art.jpg

  16. Tea for Two

    Tea for Two

  17. BE Winterlands Daydream copy.jpg

    BE Winterlands Daydream copy.jpg

    Challenge #1 - Color Palette https://oscraps.com/community/threads/january-challenge-1-color-palette.36842/#post-651115 Used all the colors in the palette
  18. January Challenge #2 - White Space

    January Challenge #2 - White Space

    Bliss Collection by Daydream Designs
  19. January Challenge #1 - Color palette

    January Challenge #1 - Color palette

    Winterlands Collection by Daydream Designs
  20. Winter fun

    Winter fun

    Winterlands Collection by Daydream Designs