1. Here Come the Sun

    Here Come the Sun

  2. Summertime . . .

    Summertime . . .

    Photo from Pixabay. I combined the product photo from both kits and used them to create a style. Then I processed the photo in Deep Dream Generator using the style I created. It gave my photo the colors from both kits.
  3. BE Mechanic's Love - MLDesigns - Color Play

    BE Mechanic's Love - MLDesigns - Color Play

    June Color Play weekend @ OScraps Sale 50% off June 24 - 27
  4. ColorPlay-Bloom.jpg


    I'm a long-time fan of Victoria Borodinova's quirky art. This bird painting is pure joy! This LO uses several artistic techniques: Background consists of paper #3 blended over paper #9 in Lighten mode. Paint #2 is placed on top of that and paper 7b blended over all of them in Overlay Mode...
  5. My Happy Place

    My Happy Place

    Artful Expressions 04 Collection – Color Play - Vicki Robinson Designs Photo: Pixabay
  6. Happy Days

    Happy Days

  7. BE Spring Colors - Xuxper

    BE Spring Colors - Xuxper

  8. BE Garden of Eden nkl copy.jpg

    BE Garden of Eden nkl copy.jpg

  9. Loud & Strong

    Loud & Strong

    Created With The New! : April 29th : 2022 : ColorPlay Collection : In Bloom By ViVa Artistry To me this collection is all about being the creative! bright! strong! bold! "loud" person that you (we) are...So I went for the mega bold look!...Thank You! for the chance to create...I've never...
  10. The Pace Of Hope

    The Pace Of Hope

    Created For Rachel Jefferies : March 2022-April 2022 : ColorPlay Challenge : Viridian | The Complete Mixed Media Collection Another Gorgeous! collection by Rachel!...I really like all the luscious greens,teals! & natural browns!...and outdoors-y feel...
  11. Viridian


    Colorplay Viridian | Collage Bits & Mixed Media Artistry by Rachel Jefferies Picture by me thanks for looking
  12. palvinka_heartfelt.jpg


    Heartfelt by Palvinka desing Color play picture by me thanks for looking
  13. BE Heartfelt Palvinka copy.jpg

    BE Heartfelt Palvinka copy.jpg

    It is Color Play weekend at @ Oscraps... All the Color Play collections work together as they are based on the same color palette. And they are on special sale during the weekend.
  14. BE Challenge #4 - Color Play

    BE Challenge #4 - Color Play

    BE Challenge #4 - Color Play https://oscraps.com/community/threads/march-2022-challenge-4-color-play.35039/
  15. Heartfelt


    Created using: ColorPlay Heartfelt Collection by Palvinka Designs
  16. Creating Yourself

    Creating Yourself

    Created using: Beginning All in One by Natali Designs
  17. Lucky Blessed AJ

    Lucky Blessed AJ

  18. Metamorphosis


    Created using Artful Expressions 03 Collection, by VIcki Robinson
  19. Paintings


    I took this photo of my daughter years ago. Added a cartoon filter to give it a painted look to match the theme of this beautiful collection. Created using: Feb. Color Play Inspi(art)ion (collection) by Simplette | Oscraps
  20. March Challenge #4 ColorPlay

    March Challenge #4 ColorPlay

    Me and some friends goofying around with our cameras a few years ago. Good memories.