#color play

  1. Natali Reflection

    Natali Reflection

    The October Color Play Collection has just been released! What a beautiful array of designs again this month! I used Reflection by Natali to create my layout. The photograph is mine and was taken on our property.
  2. Natali Reflection -  BrightEyes

    Natali Reflection - BrightEyes

  3. fall


  4. no pink - no girls - no drama

    no pink - no girls - no drama

  5. fall again

    fall again

  6. LIFE IS


    Created with Oscraps Color Play Oct 2023 products: Always be Brave {Collection} by Sweet Doll Photo: My eldest granddaughter a few years ago.
  7. favorite season

    favorite season

    October Challenge #6 - Color Play
  8. Color play September

    Color play September

    Created with : "Color Crush 70" by Joyful Heart Designs and NHDesignz in the collection "Color Play 2023" Picture Pixabay
  9. Cornwall-Challenge 6

    Cornwall-Challenge 6

    This is another place on my bucket list to revisit. I used 5 papers on all Shabby Solids paper 7 on thin frame bottom left Shabby Solids paper 8 in Difference mode over Shabby Solids paper 04 in Exclusion mode blended over thin frame from template top right Photo posterized in Pin Light Mode...
  10. Perspective-Color-Play 800.jpg

    Perspective-Color-Play 800.jpg

    Paper Fall 01 in Lighten mode over shabby solids paper 3 in Pin Light mode over artsy paper 5 form the background with stamps over and under. The images are all on collection masks.
  11. color play.jpg

    color play.jpg

  12. color play.jpg

    color play.jpg

  13. happy memories

    happy memories

  14. Amber-Dreams---Daydream.jpg


    October Challenge #6 - Color Play https://oscraps.com/community/threads/october-challenge-6-color-play.38416/ Pixabay Photo
  15. Spa Day

    Spa Day

    My layout for the October 2023 Color Play Challenge
  16. Equinox 2

    Equinox 2

    The September Color Play has been released and you can see the full collection here. I created a second page using the Equinox Collection Bundle by Mixed Media by Erin.
  17. Spa Day

    Spa Day

    The September Color Play has been released and you can see the full collection here. I used Spa Day Kit by Viva Artistry to create my layout. Photo is from Pixabay.
  18. Another Fall

    Another Fall

    The September Color Play has been released in the Oscrap's store! You can see the full collection here. I used Another Fall by Wendy Page Designs.
  19. Cozy Vibes

    Cozy Vibes

    The September Color Play is in the Oscrap's store, and you can see the entire collection here. I used the beautiful kit, Crisp, by Maya deGroot.
  20. Rest and Relax

    Rest and Relax