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  1. Memories


    Memories of her Uncle Nick from my Granddaughter... all of my granddaughters admired and loved him so much.
  2. 20230822b.jpg


    AnnaColor Challenge 08.11.2023 - 08.24.2023
  3. Anna Color Summertime 1948.jpg

    Anna Color Summertime 1948.jpg

    Hi there, Hereby my rainbow. I used an old black and white picture from my mother en myself and a free picture of a rainbow. Here is my list of 'ingredients': AASPN_ArtPlayPaletteVerdure, AASPN_ArtsyTapes1_16, AASPN_CurledPaperFrames1_5, manu_ancient_charms, AASPN_Trees6_2...


    Created for the Color Play challenge 2023
  5. 23-01_O_January-Challenge-#1-Color-palette


    January Challenge #1 - Color palette https://oscraps.com/community/threads/january-challenge-1-color-palette.36842/#post-651573
  6. January Challenge #1 - Color palette

    January Challenge #1 - Color palette

    Winterlands Collection by Daydream Designs
  7. Anna Color Challenge

    Anna Color Challenge

    I love taking pictures of unusual things like the stubble left on the field.
  8. carpe diem

    carpe diem

    ANNACOLOR CHALLENGE 11.04.22 - 11.17.22
  9. AnnaColor 10/21 - Look who turned One

    AnnaColor 10/21 - Look who turned One

    Layout for the AnnaColor Challenge. Photo from my grandson's recent birthday.
  10. autumn has arrived

    autumn has arrived

    ANNACOLOR CHALLENGE 10.21.2022 - 11.03.2022
  11. 22-08_O_August-2022-Challenge-#5---Color-Palette


    August 2022 Challenge #5 - Color Palette https://oscraps.com/community/threads/august-2022-challenge-5-color-palette.35956/
  12. You are what you drink

    You are what you drink

    Made for the Color Challenge. I thought of this photo when I saw the kit from Carolyn K Journaling: Coffee in a self made mug was one of the photos I made for a Self portrait assignment.
  13. klingenmünster


    ANNACOLOR CHALLENGE 08.05.2022 - 08.25.2022
  14. August Challenge 5 Color Pallette

    August Challenge 5 Color Pallette

  15. Anna Aspnes Color Challenge

    Anna Aspnes Color Challenge

    ArtPlay Palette Hinge
  16. Anna's Color Challenge

    Anna's Color Challenge

    I love fairies! I created the cat and fairy in Daz3D.
  17. The Pace Of Nature

    The Pace Of Nature

  18. Go your own way

    Go your own way

    May 2022 Challenge #2 Color Palette https://oscraps.com/community/threads/may-2022-challenge-2-color-palette.35473/#post-626384
  19. Challenge #2 {Beautiful}

    Challenge #2 {Beautiful}

    I blended 3 papers to get the background paper I wanted. I used AFT Opulent Blush Mini Kit, some elements from Vicki Stegall Spring and a frame from Lynn Grieveson's Architectural Frames. I bumped up the color on the yellow flowers to make them a little brighter.
  20. May 2022 Challenge #2 - Color Palette

    May 2022 Challenge #2 - Color Palette

    Emeto designs Collage it Elements Emeto designs Collage It | More Papers Renew all in one by Natalie Design