1. Christmas Happy

    Christmas Happy

  2. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas

  3. A Pinch of Magic

    A Pinch of Magic

  4. It's Gold Outside

    It's Gold Outside

  5. You are the marshmallow in my hot cocoa

    You are the marshmallow in my hot cocoa

  6. Laughter


  7. The best gift ever

    The best gift ever

  8. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas

  9. December 25

    December 25

  10. DAY 10: Sven And Hilma

    DAY 10: Sven And Hilma

  11. Christmas Through Your Eyes

    Christmas Through Your Eyes

  12. Shine Bright

    Shine Bright

  13. A Season Of Love

    A Season Of Love

  14. Home For The Holidays

    Home For The Holidays

  15. Christmas Wish

    Christmas Wish

  16. Sharing


  17. Gold Christmas

    Gold Christmas

  18. Un Amour de Noel

    Un Amour de Noel

  19. Thinking of you...

    Thinking of you...

    We won't be able to spend the holidays together this year, but thanks to technology we will see and talk to each other, raise a glass of champagne and even open presents in real time (thanks god for online shopping and international credit cards). This page is where my memories of our online...
  20. AnnaColor Challenge_Happy-New-Year-2023

    AnnaColor Challenge_Happy-New-Year-2023