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  2. Aye aye Cap'n

    Aye aye Cap'n

  3. My Dearest Love

    My Dearest Love

  4. He is Wonderful

    He is Wonderful

  5. Blow Bubbles

    Blow Bubbles

  6. Ohe Du Bateau !

    Ohe Du Bateau !

  7. The reason I smile

    The reason I smile

    Color Play - 05 (May) 2022 https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Color-Play-05-May-2022/
  8. Ice cream

    Ice cream

    Sweet Summer Days Mega Collection by Karen Schulz Designs Part of Color Play - 05 (May) 2022 https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Color-Play-05-May-2022/
  9. My whole world

    My whole world

    My grandchild in 2019 May 2022 challenge 52 Inspirations https://oscraps.com/community/threads/may-2022-challenge-3-52-inspirations.35440/
  10. Sense Of Humor

    Sense Of Humor

    This is for Challenge #6 for May - Seasonal Challenge The challenge is to post photos of Spring in your area. Now I live in near Chicago and here we say; "If you don't like the weather, wait fifteen minutes" On April 18th we had SNOW! 5 days later it was 77 degrees! Mother Nature sure has an odd...
  11. You


  12. Smiles for Breakfast

    Smiles for Breakfast

  13. Let new adventures begin

    Let new adventures begin

    Color Play - 03 (Mar) 2022
  14. so much love

    so much love

  15. How much do I love this

    How much do I love this

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    The image Life Lesson attracted me to copy it.
  17. Magic Smile

    Magic Smile

  18. A Child Was Born

    A Child Was Born

    Made using foxeysquirrel’s Yuletide kits
  19. November Challenge 6

    November Challenge 6

    My greadgranddaughter, Kinleigh, who visited us in October. I used Viva Artistry Autumn Equinox. Font: Birch Standard Regular Photo Credits: Ava Graves
  20. Amazing Fall Days

    Amazing Fall Days

    I used the included mask for the large background photo of my daughter having so much fun, and then just kept adding layers (because that's what I do lol)