1. November AJ Week4

    November AJ Week4

    And it's all finished!!! LOVE working with this template for the challenges!!
  2. He


  3. The Full Moon

    The Full Moon

    for the week 4 AJ Challenge
  4. Sapphire Princess 2007

    Sapphire Princess 2007

    For Challenge #1 - Photo treatment. I used Aqualelleum's Urban Sketcher Photoshop Plug in to turn my photo into a watercolor sketch. Here is the image I used:
  5. Full Moon AJ Challenge

    Full Moon AJ Challenge

  6. Misty Water Colored Memories

    Misty Water Colored Memories

    for Challenge 2 - Heritage
  7. Challenge-4 You Are My World

    Challenge-4 You Are My World

    My favorite picture of Melissa.
  8. Challenge-5 Quote

    Challenge-5 Quote

    for the September Challenge of a quote.
  9. September challenge #02 - The waxing moon

    September challenge #02 - The waxing moon

    In the quiet night sky appears a delicate crescent, the waxing moon. For me, this symbol of promise and untapped potential is an invitation to embrace my dreams and take slow but steady steps towards them. With each passing night, its gentle glow grows, a reminder that progress doesn't always...
  10. My Boys!

    My Boys!

    We were having Labor Day dinner and the boys jumped up on the couch and sat at the table like they were going to get a snack!!! For the Challenge 7 - Tic Tac Toe Challenge for September
  11. SeptMommaOchal_sometimes.jpg


    Vicki Stegall Sometimes Collection and Rachel Jeffries Synopia Extended kit 52 Expressions