challenge #3

  1. road closed

    road closed

    August 2022 Challenge # 3 - Creative Photo Editing
  2. Living in the city can be demanding

    Living in the city can be demanding

    August 2022 Challenge # 3 - Creative Photo Editing I wanted to play with black & white with linear patterns.
  3. Time stands still

    Time stands still

    Page created for Challenge #3 - Creative photo editing - use invert effect on one half of a photo/element. Inverting the image is one of the steps when creating a sketch effect, the left side of the photo is inverted, color dodge blend mode applied and gaussian blurr added (all of this layered...
  4. Hope delivers light

    Hope delivers light

    Example page for Challenge 3 Creative Photo Editing https://oscraps.com/community/threads/august-2022-challenge-3-creative-photo-editing.35961/
  5. 2022-07-22-Live-with-hope.jpg


    bits and pieces from 52 inspirations 2022 https://www.oscraps.com/shop/52-Inspirations-2022/
  6. 2022-06-16-Myla-Walk.jpg


    Love my Dog by Karen Schulz https://www.oscraps.com/shop/digital-scrapbooking-kit-love-my-dog-karen-schulz-designs.html fonts: kg shake it off chunky regular, kinkee regular and gelpen heavy
  7. Family


    This layout started as a font challenge layout and morphed into hours - literally - of reminiscing, deep-dive YouTube research and several photo treatment sessions... the latter left me grinding my teeth in frustration - the quality of the photos from that day in 2006 is just that bad... On the...
  8. Challenge 3 Fonts.jpg

    Challenge 3 Fonts.jpg

    fonts used: Kingsthings Wrote Callistroke Trashed - (photo)
  9. Challenge 1 Color Play.jpg

    Challenge 1 Color Play.jpg

  10. Feeling froggy

    Feeling froggy

    Challenge # 3 Font Challenge https://oscraps.com/community/threads/june-challenge-3-font-challenge.35647/
  11. May 22

    May 22

  12. Always & Always

    Always & Always

  13. You-&-Me.jpg


    What was supposed to be a relatively short but beautiful hike, turned into a 20 klm all day event. 52 Inspirations are so versatile and easy to mix and match! It turned my "not so great photo" into a layout that I really love! I used 52 Inspirations - 52-2022 #13 (I changed the Hue and...
  14. 52 Inspirations Challenge #3.jpg

    52 Inspirations Challenge #3.jpg

  15. 2022-04-13-Our-trees.jpg


    Almost spring by Vicki Robinson Designs Font: gill sans ultrabold
  16. Enthusiasm


  17. 22-04_O_April-2022-Challenge-#3---Quote-It


    April 2022 Challenge #3 - Quote It https://oscraps.com/community/threads/april-2022-challenge-3-quote-it.35291/#post-621165
  18. that is funny

    that is funny

    April 2022 Challenge #3 - Quote It
  19. Chall.#3 Quote it

    Chall.#3 Quote it

  20. April Challenge #3 Quote.jpg

    April Challenge #3 Quote.jpg

    A super challenge. I had lots of fun making the cluster for the page.