1. Automatic Butterfly

    Automatic Butterfly

    Once upon a time, almost 20 years ago now, my son used to go to daycare. One bright summers day, when he was 3 years old, we were walking home from daycare and we happened to see some monarch butterflies. I love monarch butterflies, but before I could say anything, my son spoke up. "Look Mommy...
  2. Believe like a butterfly

    Believe like a butterfly

    I used the beautiful 52 Inspirations 2023 no 34 Uplifted Flutterbees by Mixed Media by Erin photo comes from Unsplash
  3. Stay


    for Rachel Jefferies Mixed Media Challenge for July
  4. Aurelia


    Child of Gold Made using foxeysquirrel’s Once Upon A Child and Over the Edge Vol 2 kits.
  5. Jovial


    Made using foxeysquirrel’s FS-Modern-Jazz-2- Backgrounds, FS-KelpieGals-4, FS-Modern-Jazz-2- Background, FS_A_Wild_Hare_butterfly_1, FS_dignified_Butterfly 2, FS_Butterfly Effect 6, FS_Alisa_Butterfly 6, FS-Edgy-Overlay- 11, 12, FS_Unsinkable_Butterfly 5, and my model
  6. Silly Girls

    Silly Girls

  7. Little Lepidopterist

    Little Lepidopterist

    Made using foxeysquirrel’s one-zee-vol-24
  8. Butterfly


    The newkit by Natali was perfect for this photo I took this morning.
  9. Listen


    "Animal Talk” by by Cheryl Budden Digital Design @ Lynne Anzelc Designs https://www.oscraps.com/.../digital-scrapbooking...Sold as a collection or individual kits Also available in CraftArtist pack format


  11. Hangin' with You!

    Hangin' with You!

    For the tic tac toe challenge. I used the middle row - text overlay, photo, flowers.
  12. Thankful for You

    Thankful for You

    Just scrapping one of my favorite subjects: my hubby of 25 years!
  13. Butterflies.jpg


    Butterflies are the most ephemeral and the most beautiful creatures on Earth. They appear from somewhere, quietly live their tiny lives, demanding almost nothing, and then disappear, probably into some other world... Not at all like ours. Haruki Murakami
  14. Young Love

    Young Love

    I was at a friend's house and she took out some old photos looking for a picture of her first car, and she showed me this picture. I had to scrap it!! It's her husband's parents when they first got married.
  15. Aloha Melli!!

    Aloha Melli!!

    For the August "Use it all" challenge. Credits: Karen Shultz Chart Your Course Mini Karen Shultz July Use it all Challenge Kit Karen Shultz Here Comes the Sun
  16. Elia


    Made using foxeysquirrel’s Laoise kits.
  17. No. 79 Butterfly Glimpses

    No. 79 Butterfly Glimpses

    Rachel's Truth and Free Collection is a fun mix of colors and shapes. It's perfect for a bright collage. Thanks for looking.
  18. emk-fancytitlesm.jpg


    Fonts Lucida Calligraphy and Lamina https://www.dafont.com/lamina-2.font Papers and elements from Live Life collab https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Live-Life-An-Oscraps-Collaboration.html Papers by Idgie, Joyful Heart, and Vicki Stegal
  19. The view I'd love.jpg

    The view I'd love.jpg

    this is from the " free spirit" kit from Lynne Anzelc designs.
  20. I love this

    I love this

    For May 2022 Challenge #2 - Color Palette