1. The Pace Of Nature

    The Pace Of Nature

  2. Spring blossoms

    Spring blossoms

    AnnaColor Challenge 03.18.2022 - 03.31.2022. https://oscraps.com/community/threads/annacolor-challenge-03-18-2022-03-31-2022.35233/#post-620673
  3. Junior Prom

    Junior Prom

    Love looking back at old photos. My daughter on her first prom date.
  4. Darling


    fonts Lucida Handwriting and Minion Pro WA by me papers and elements from Spring Blossoms at 3 Scrapateers ****by Lisa Majewski****
  5. Playing at the Park

    Playing at the Park

    fonts Nyala and Lithos Pro template from Block A Bets papers (some recolored) and elements from Spring Blossoms at 3 Scrapateers ****By Lisa Majewski****
  6. Spring Blossoms

    Spring Blossoms

    font Kelly brush - dynamic brush paintstroke by Erica Hite (ScrapGirls) paper border and photo changed to vivid light blending mode papers and elements from Sweet Pea ****by Lynn Griffin**** at Digital-Arts Caf
  7. {i love sakura flowers}

    {i love sakura flowers}

    This layout took FOREVER to create. I had to look at multiple galleries for inspiration then purchase each kit individually in order to get the elements to look the way I wanted them to. All CC is greatly appreciated. Below is a breakout of all the elements that were used in this layout...
  8. Cherry Blossom Festival

    Cherry Blossom Festival

    This is a little tag book I put together as a hybrid project. It's cute and was a quick thing to do if anyone wants to delve into hybrid. Credits: Amy Lou collab by Lauren Grier and Gina Miller at Gina Miller Designs (and eventually available at SSD) Maya Road arrow coaster chipboard...
  9. Cherry Blossom Festival

    Cherry Blossom Festival

    Paper by Amy Hutchinson from Cocktail Hour kit Flower Boughs by Amy Hutchinson at CRD Tea Stained Ribbons Wraps by Genevieve Sass at Oscraps Glittered Painted Borders, Bubble Wrap, and Word Toppers by Emily Merritt at The Digi Chick Pin Pokes by Rachel Young at FPD Alphabits freebie by...
  10. My Beautiful Blossom

    My Beautiful Blossom

    Dogwood Blossom Kit by Kim Cameron at makeitscrappy