1. Squeeze


    When life gives you lemons . . .
  2. You Give Me Joy

    You Give Me Joy

    Mother's Day, 2022 - my youngest daughter and youngest grandson. I used Lynn Grieveson's Positivity Collection.
  3. Everyday Stories

    Everyday Stories

  4. Beloved


    NEW Collection "Beloved" by Palvinka Designs on sale 62% off - only during INSD! + free BONUS!
  5. Beloved


    Kit "Beloved" by Palvinka on sale 62% off - only during INSD! + free BONUS! Photo by Florian Nicolle - deviantart
  6. ukochany.jpg


    Beloved Collection by Palvinka Designs
  7. my happy

    my happy

    Rachel Jefferies Pocket Art: Assembles 1 https://www.oscraps.com/shop/pocket-art-assembles-1-by-rachel-jefferies.html Pocket Art: Signature Kit 6
  8. Bag Hunting

    Bag Hunting

  9. you give me joy

    you give me joy

    Pocket Art: Signature Kit 12 by Rachel Jefferies Positivity Digital Scrapbooking Mixed Media Elements by Lynn Grieveson
  10. Spring Time

    Spring Time

    For the May 2022 Challenge #6 - Seasonal. I chose Spring to scrap. Thanks Vicky for a fun challenge. ♥
  11. BE Garden of Eden nkl copy.jpg

    BE Garden of Eden nkl copy.jpg

  12. Let New Adventures Begin

    Let New Adventures Begin

    Rachel Jefferies April Color Play - Viridian. My two littermate "granddogs" Ellie and Bailey - on the beach.
  13. Challenge 6 Tic-Tac-Toe

    Challenge 6 Tic-Tac-Toe

    I used the bottom row, across: paper layers, photo mask and border. I blended 2 background papers then merged my blended photo into them. I put smaller paper pieces in the corner, added a border and word art. (This is my youngest grandson and his girlfriend.)
  14. Challenge #6 - Tic-Tac-Toe

    Challenge #6 - Tic-Tac-Toe

    This is my layout for challenge #6. I used 'grunge lace and border' as my line. Anna Aspnes multi media leaf Manu splendorous mask #2 Word Art 'Brave' Oscraps collaboration kit. My photo of my The French Family (my grandparents)
  15. Palvinka Hello Spring

    Palvinka Hello Spring

    Hello Spring by Palvinka Designs. Image from Pixabay.
  16. AnnaColor: Community Level

    AnnaColor: Community Level

    Two years after masks were first required, we no longer had to wear them. But in some situations they made sense, so we still kept them handy. And I was surprised to discover how much I enjoyed making digital collages when I had the right kind of materials in my runtimes.
  17. Take Me Away

    Take Me Away

    *Created for Rachel Jefferies : Featured Product Challenge : April 2022 : I just love! this luscious! colorful! collection! that Rachel has created!!!...My layout has a theme...[as many of mine do...]...This lovely lady lives in the heart of the city...Sees the hustle & bustle of her daily...
  18. March Rachel Jefferies Mixed Media Challenge

    March Rachel Jefferies Mixed Media Challenge

    I used Anisoptera Mixed Media Kit pp and elements: https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Anisoptera-The-Complete-Mixed-Media-Collection-by-Rachel-Jefferies.html and combined it with Palvinka Imagine The Impossible Elements: https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Imagine-The-Impossible-Kit.html
  19. March Vicki Stegall Challenge

    March Vicki Stegall Challenge

    I had fun with this kit by Momma O! I used Desi: https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Desi-Kit-by-Vicki-Stegall.html
  20. May you...

    May you...