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  1. anna-aspnes-digital-scrapbook-artplay-collection-wellspring-pam-1-.jpg


    ArtPlay Collection Wellspring on sale this week. process: I started with an artsy paper for my background and did a color adjustment.I brought in the ALT and turned off layers that I did not need. Next I extracted an image of my great-granddaughter playing in leaves at my house in the fall.I...
  2. anna-aspnes-digital-scrapbook-artplay-collection-evanish-pam-2-.jpg


    Artplay Collection Evanish on sale now process:I started with transfers, paint,wcfb,and brushes. I added artsy paper 2 on top of everything but the wcfb.I then, clipped duplicated image to wcfb with bottom layer normal blending mode/opacity 95% and top layer 80% opacity and soft light blending...
  3. anna-aspnes-digital-scrapbook-artplay-FFBTA-1-pam-2-.jpg


    Flower FotoBlendz Template Album no.1 process: I started with the template and populated my masks with flowers and stuff from the garden.I only deleted one layer of texture on the sunrise image, to let it shine bright. I used ap mini palette Aoristic artsy paper 2 as my background and then...
  4. anna-aspnes-digital-scrapbook-artplay-collection-surf's-up-pam-2-.jpg


    Artplay Surf's Up Collection on sale this week process: I started with solid paper 3 then added some paper textures.I extracted the boat image then placed a transfer above that layer, then the extraction again with another transfer above that.Again a paper texture again, then layers from AT...
  5. 20240436-Lou-Paul.jpg


    https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Fleur-Collection-by-Vicki-Stegall.html https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Simple-FotoBlendz-Template-Album-No-1.html
  6. anna-aspnes-digital-scrapbook-artplay-collection-surfs-up-pam-1-.jpg


    Artplay Collection Surf's Up on sale now process: I started with ap 3 as my base layer.I clipped my image to a FotoBlendz. Then I used an extraction from another image.Next I selected some layers from ALT 267 and moved them around.I deleted all masks but one and clipped my original image to...
  7. anna- aspnes-digital-scrapbook-artplay-palette-brumal-pam-3-.jpg

    anna- aspnes-digital-scrapbook-artplay-palette-brumal-pam-3-.jpg

    For the color challenge- AnnaColor Challenge 04.19.2024 - 05.02.2024. Artplay Palette Brumal Artsy Transfers Brumal process: I started with ap 3,then used 2 images, masked by inverted masking.I used overlay, transfers, brushes and elements from the app. I used AT brumal, some layers deleted...
  8. anna-aspnes-digital-scrapbook-artplay-collection-bouquet-pam-2-.jpg


    Artplay Collection Bouquet on sale now process: I used solid paper 5 as the base.Then I placed MRTA-8_2 onto my page, deleting some layers and adjusting size.Below that I placed Bouquet Alt,again deleting some layers and adjusting sizes.I filled the mask layers of the MRTA with photos...
  9. anna-aspnes-digital-scrapbook-artplay-spring-value-pack-no-3-pam-1-.jpg


    Spring ValuePack No 3-Buy the garden pack no.1 and get 50% off the Spring Value Pack No. 3 on sale now process: I used app delightful sp 3 as the base, added some splatters, stitches,wordart.I used a FotoBlendz from Showcase F.B Templates 1_page 9 to clip my image to, then surrounded it with...
  10. anna-aspnes-digital-scrapbook-artplay-garden-value-pack-no-1-pam-2-.jpg


    Garden ValuePack No 1-Buy the GARDEN ValuePack No 1 and SAVE 50% on the Spring ValuePack 3 The Garden ValuePack No 1 includes all 12 of these aA Digital Art Products. ArtPlay Palette Fairy ArtPlay Palette Hummingbird ArtPlay Palette Roots ArtsyFeathers No 1 12 X 12 Page FotoBlendz No 3 4 X 6...
  11. anna-aspnes-digital-scrapbook-artplay-collection-hygge-pam-3-.jpg


    AnnaColor Challenge 04.05.2024 - 04.18.2024 process: I started with app transfers and AT,clipped them to my duplicated images.I then made a composite and clipped it to FotoBlendz,top layer dissolve, bottom layer hard light. I added mms,wordart and a transfer behind all that.I placed solid paper...
  12. anna-aspnes-digital-scrapbook-artplay-garden-value-pack-no-1-pam-1-.jpg


    -Buy the GARDEN ValuePack No 1 and SAVE 50% on the Spring ValuePack Garden ValuePack No.1 includes: ArtPlay Palette Fairy ArtPlay Palette Hummingbird ArtPlay Palette Roots ArtsyFeathers No 1 12 X 12 Page FotoBlendz No 3 4 X 6 ArtsyKardz Jardinier Fairies, Imps and Elves No 1 Garden WordMix No...
  13. anna-aspnes-digital-scrapbook-artplay-collection-narcissus-pam-1-.jpg


    Artplay Collection Narcissus on sale process: I started with a texture image, then placed ap 3 on top of that with darker blending mode. I used several frames,masks and stitching from FITP 3F for my images.A paper texture was placed, elements from the app,AT,overlays and...
  14. anna-aspnes-digital-scrapbook-artplay-collection-arrive-pam-2-.jpg


    Artplay Collection Arrive process: I used solid paper 3 from the collection and added a color adjustment.Next I added some paint and textures.I used six images.I clipped 4 to linear FotoBlendz .I used inverted mask on the 5th and for the 6th,I used a brush for the collection to make a mask.Some...
  15. anna-aspnes-digital-scrapbook-artplay-collection-arrive-pam-1-.jpg


    Artplay Collection Arrive on sale now process: I used sp 1 from the collection as my base, adding a soft blue color adjustment.Next I placed a transfer from the collection.I used melancholy fb X3 to clip 3 images to separately. I added wordart,multimedia,splatters and stains to complete.
  16. anna-aspnes-digital-scrapbook-artplay-collection-melancholy-pam-4.jpg


    Artplay Collection Melancholy on sale now process: I started with FotoBlendz from the collection. I clipped an image to 2 FotoBlendz,slightly skewed to get the colors and texture where I wanted. I then placed ap3 over that with blending mode multiply applied. Next I extracted the image focal...
  17. anna-aspnes-digital-scrapbook-artplay-collection-hygge-pam-2.jpg


    Artplay Collection Hygge on sale now process: Where I start is not always where I end..... I started with solid paper, changed the blending mode to linear light. Then clipped a copy of my image to a FotoBlendz from the collection. I then brought in the ALT in the collection, turned some layers...
  18. anna-aspnes-digital-scrapbook-artplay-collection-melancholy-pam-3.jpg


    ArtPlay Collection Melancholy on sale now process: I recolored the back ground layer then added a transfer from the app and an artsy transfer.Next I used inverted masking on my image using brushes from the app. The rest of the page is just multimedia parts and wordart with some elements from...
  19. anna-aspnes-digital-scrapbook-artplay-collection-hygge-pam-1.jpg


    ArtPlay Hygge Collection-on sale now process: I started with ap 1 from the collection.I added elements from the app to make a background then added my image and clipped it to a FotoBlendz in the collection.On top of that I added some more elements, multimedia parts and finished with wordart and...
  20. Find Hope

    Find Hope

    Started with a solid and an artsy paper, blended them and added two artsy transfers. Picked a few rain drops and paper textures for my background. My photo has a double exposure effect and it was blended on top of the already existing elements. Next step was the word art and the cluster, for...