amazing women

  1. You Go Girl

    You Go Girl

    I loved that blue haired girl when I saw the preview!@ Also many other woman figures to play with. I loved the glof girl. I used brushwork to color the girl. Also used a self made burned wood style based on the book "layers"from Matt McKlovsky a recommended reading.
  2. Lola


    My grandmother, Lola, was a pioneer. She was one of the original Meals On Wheels volunteers, she worked with the Displaced Persons Program and worked, tirelessly, for the American Cancer Society. This page is in her honor - a great woman! The two top photographs are my grandmother, at about...
  3. This Moment

    This Moment

    I had fun with this one, the template just kinda evolved into this. I used a collab by Kitty Designs and Vera Lim.
  4. Journey


    Created using: Wanderer by Viva Artistry Wanderer Wordart by Viva Artistry Turn of the Century Faces by Viva Artistry Journey WordTransfers No. 1 by Anna Aspnes Journey All in One by Natali Designs
  5. After 60

    After 60

  6. You Look Like Me

    You Look Like Me

  7. Relaxing girl

    Relaxing girl

  8. On the roof.jpg

    On the roof.jpg

    This is a re-scrap of a previous layout; I updated it for a book I gave to my Mum hoping to interest her in some details about her past. I've discovered that all Dementia journeys are not the same and my hope that her memory would retain some information about her young days while forgetting...
  9. Lisa-Fashion


    Our niece is one of the most fashionable ladies I know so I featured three of my photos of her for a 'fashion" challenge. I found the quotes on an Avon beauty site on Pinterest, and I also used the Art by Malika Favre which was used on the cover of The New Yorker Magazine 2020-02-10.
  10. Imagine The Impossible

    Imagine The Impossible

    Imagine The Impossible by Palvinka Designs
  11. Never Know.jpg

    Never Know.jpg

    I joined the My Heritage site mainly to utilise their photo enhancing software which I used on this photograph. I think it uses AI technology so sometimes it doesn't work on really out of focus photographs and can alter the facial features so it doesn't look like the person but I would say that...
  12. Mother - AnnaLift 01-2022

    Mother - AnnaLift 01-2022

    I love this old photo of my mom. The locket was hers and it has my dad and me on the inside. Foundation: I used 2 papers and an edge overlay for the foundation, ArtPlay Palette Ochre Solid Papers 1 & 3 and Artist Edge Overlays 9_1. I added Artsy Transfers Amaranthine #3 and ArtPlay Palette...
  13. Believe in your vision

    Believe in your vision

  14. Inspire


  15. Hurrah


    I used page 7 of the Project Template Album No.7 with the Artplay Remembrancer Collection for this page. The day started off with the 800m - what a start! She did a great job not giving up and sprinting at the end! Well done, Dakota!!