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  1. What Face Today

    What Face Today

    Here's my Vicki Robinson Art Journaling LO: to make i started with a single background paper, then the book paper. I added the faces and embellished them, then added paint, brushes, and overlays to the background, then more of those items to the book behind the faces. Finish up with the bottom...
  2. BE -Nostalgia MLD

    BE -Nostalgia MLD

    April Challenge #3 - Quote https://oscraps.com/community/threads/april-2022-challenge-3-quote-it.35291/#post-621165 Quote: “You will do foolish things, but do them with enthusiasm.”― Colette
  3. I am Transformed

    I am Transformed

    This LO took a lot of playing with but was worth it. The background is two of the kit papers blended with text overlays in between. The layers immediately above are stamps, then the photos with 2 OOBs. I used the largest photo clipped to each of the 3 masks and applied the two smaller...
  4. This is Me

    This is Me

    created using I'm Somewhere Inbetween Collection by Rachel Jefferies
  5. Accept


    I layered 3 copies of my photo and changed the blend mode (hard, overlay, multiply) and reduced opacity, then erased the edges with a soft low opacity brush.
  6. ET Designs A New Me

    ET Designs A New Me

    ETDesigns A New Me Bundle: https://www.oscraps.com/shop/New-Me-Bundle-by-et-designs.html
  7. Life-After-50-Karen-Schulz.jpg


    Karen's templates made it so easy to create this LO. Simply fill each block then play with the embellishments until you like it. I placed the ellies over the frost plastic layer to add depth and interest. Fun, fun, fun!
  8. it's a new mood

    it's a new mood

    Vicki Stegall Designs (Momma O's) January Challenge at Oscraps— https://oscraps.com/community/threads/vicki-stegall-designs-momma-os-january-challenge.34630 I struggled a lot with this challenge, I am never happy when I scrap about myself. This year my plan is to be a stronger person. I added...
  9. Possibilities.jpg


    I love to blend papers, so most of my LOs I do that. Same her - paper 18 over paper 17 in darker color mode. Lots of paint and accents build up from the background for interest and texture. Where possible, I have used the hand-drawn elements for continuity. Journaling reads: I am the woman I...
  10. Time after Time

    Time after Time

    for the background, I blended 2 papers together to achieve the extra grungy look.
  11. Fierce & Grit

    Fierce & Grit

    For my photo, I applied a threshold adjustment. I duplicatated my photo several times and used various blend modes with paints and overlays and word art to achieve the sketchy look.
  12. Let Your Happiness Find You

    Let Your Happiness Find You

  13. Be Your Own Hero

    Be Your Own Hero

    Love the empowering WA in this collection!
  14. Class of '89

    Class of '89

    For me, this is a very simple page but I am really happy with it. The paper block on which the "'89" sits is supposed to resemble the name cards that we purchased with our high school graduation announcements. You ordered enough to include in the announcement, because at my school they were all...
  15. This is Me

    This is Me

    I took one of my photos, applied a sketch effect with a soft light overlay. I then changed to a smart object and applied a linear blend mode. Then I applied a mask layer and blended the background of the photo into the background paper. I layered the sketch from Vicki's kit on top of my...
  16. Shadows


    Journaling reads: Late day Shadows at Summer’s end Autumn day Surprises of Sunflowers The fun for me Is Capturing Both
  17. October Monthly Review Right Side

    October Monthly Review Right Side

    Journaling reads: We rode the bike for the first time in a couple of months. The weather was beautiful and after Mark fixed the clutch, we took her out for about an hour. Felt good to be on it again! We had such a great time at the Shepherd's 360 Conference. We were there with 4 other...
  18. October Monthly Review Left Side

    October Monthly Review Left Side

    Journaling reads: This was a FULL month of activities for us! We began the month with a trip to South Carolina to see our one-month-old grandson, Kingston Gauge, our 18th grandchild. And that is how I celebrated my 66th birthday on October 8th. The rest of the month was full of soccer...
  19. Nature


    October's Featured Products are all about you! This month, we can focus on the things that make us unique, bring us joy, or just about anything else we want to share with each other. This page shows my love for animals even though I would never make it as a farm girl. I am always happy when I...
  20. Crazy Dog Lady

    Crazy Dog Lady

    October's Featured Products are all about you! This month, we can focus on the things that make us unique, bring us joy, or just about anything else we want to share with each other. Most people know that I adore all animals, especially my two dogs and their sweet and smooshy faces.