52 inspirations

  1. Walking through the dunes, brought me to a desert beach

    Walking through the dunes, brought me to a desert beach

    Made for the 52 Inspirations challenges In 2009 I made a lay out in PSP X2 and I forgot how I made it. I didn't keep the original file nor I wrote down how I made that (IMHO) great lay out. Now I love to play in Illustrator I tried to remake that template. I succeeded. This is a variant of the...
  2. 23-10_O_October-Challenge-#5---Poems-&-Lyrics


    October Challenge #5 - Poems & Lyrics https://oscraps.com/community/threads/october-challenge-5-poems-lyrics.38298/
  3. June Challenge #1 - 52 inspirations

    June Challenge #1 - 52 inspirations

    Thanks for the fun challenge Zanthia! I really like how these two kits worked together. My first 52 inspirations purchases. Credits: 52 Inspirations 2022 No 35 Sinopia the Extended Kit by Rachel Jefferies 52 Inspirations 2021 No 24 DottiPops and MopTops Mini Kit by Lorie Davison
  4. Day 5 June 15 Birthday Spelling Challenge

    Day 5 June 15 Birthday Spelling Challenge

    butterfly ink ribbon template honeycomb dot arrow year
  5. pollen Allergy

    pollen Allergy

    Grass pollens are my worst enemies in the summer, and it feels like they are always lurking, ready to overwhelm me with their inevitable symptoms. It is frustrating to know that I cannot avoid contact with this nasty allergen. The symptoms I experience are very similar to severe cold symptoms...
  6. 23-06_O_June-Challenge-#1---52-inspirations


    June Challenge #1 - 52 inspirations https://oscraps.com/community/threads/june-challenge-1-52-inspirations.37687/#post-666039
  7. March 52 Inspirations Challenge

    March 52 Inspirations Challenge

    Finally I could use that cute fox (from Fall in Love) from Fidlette Designs! I chose the girl from Owl Love you.
  8. Challenge 7 - 52 Inspirations

    Challenge 7 - 52 Inspirations

  9. Harry's World

    Harry's World

    DD in England, a great day visiting Harry Potter Studios :-)
  10. Bonjour Paris

    Bonjour Paris

    For the first time ;-)
  11. Peace On Earth

    Peace On Earth

    My wish for Christmas!
  12. Hope is important

    Hope is important

    For the November Challenge #5 - 52 Inspirations I used 52 Inspirations 2022: No 09 Fully Loaded Template, No 10 Pray for Peace Scrapbook Kit, No 11 Let's Play 14 Scrapbook Papers, No 16 Scrapbook Kit all by Vicki Stegall and No 35 Sinopia the Extended Kit by Rachel Jefferies private photo
  13. Keep Messy

    Keep Messy

    November Challenge #5 - 52 Inspirations The woman’s face makes me want to go to the winter solstice at Stonehenge. She is having way too much fun! I thought this photo is perfect for the inspirations challenge.
  14. Road Trip

    Road Trip

    Sketch Challenge Inspiration from zlemon LO: vertical flowers down the right side of page, butterfly at top left, textured artsy background paper, yellow accents Inspiration from Amandajk LO: frame over masked photo with flowers placed in corner of frame, blue tones, outdoor scenery photo...
  15. The Best

    The Best

  16. Wander in Sedona

    Wander in Sedona

    for the Challenge #6 Mood board Inspired by Greenery Jeans Silhouettes in shadow Blue sky Red dirt on the road
  17. 2022-08-20-Evan-and-I.jpg


    2022 52 inspirations # 4 Today scrapbook by Vicki Stegall https://www.oscraps.com/shop/52-Inspirations-2022-No-04-Today-Scrapbook-Kit-by-Vicki-Stegall.html 2022 52 inspirations #17 Mini Scrapbook by Vicki Stegall...
  18. Leisure in the lovely blue water

    Leisure in the lovely blue water

    August 2022 Challenge #2 - 52 Inspirations I love how relaxing the water can be, even when crowded. I found inspiration through a lot of the fun & beautiful Kits. One worry is, I keep thinking of The Meg when I look at my page. I love good bad movies. I didn’t add a giant shark. So everyone...
  19. Sign of the Times 1

    Sign of the Times 1

    1 in a series.
  20. Mountain Majesty

    Mountain Majesty

    for Vicki Stegall's (Momma O's) August Challenge