52 inspirations

  1. The Best

    The Best

  2. Wander in Sedona

    Wander in Sedona

    for the Challenge #6 Mood board Inspired by Greenery Jeans Silhouettes in shadow Blue sky Red dirt on the road
  3. 2022-08-20-Evan-and-I.jpg


    2022 52 inspirations # 4 Today scrapbook by Vicki Stegall https://www.oscraps.com/shop/52-Inspirations-2022-No-04-Today-Scrapbook-Kit-by-Vicki-Stegall.html 2022 52 inspirations #17 Mini Scrapbook by Vicki Stegall...
  4. Leisure in the lovely blue water

    Leisure in the lovely blue water

    August 2022 Challenge #2 - 52 Inspirations I love how relaxing the water can be, even when crowded. I found inspiration through a lot of the fun & beautiful Kits. One worry is, I keep thinking of The Meg when I look at my page. I love good bad movies. I didn’t add a giant shark. So everyone...
  5. Sign of the Times 1

    Sign of the Times 1

    1 in a series.
  6. Mountain Majesty

    Mountain Majesty

    for Vicki Stegall's (Momma O's) August Challenge
  7. At the Beach

    At the Beach

    August 2022 Challenge #2 at Oscraps- 52 Inspirations — https://oscraps.com/community/threads/august-2022-challenge-2-52-inspirations.35900 The original photo had a bright blue sky but I liked the muted blues in the papers. I duplicated the photo and used blend modes (Linear Burn and Screen) to...
  8. JustBE_August_52challenge.jpg


  9. 22-08_O_August-2022-Challenge-#2---52-Inspirations


    August 2022 Challenge #2 - 52 Inspirations https://oscraps.com/community/threads/august-2022-challenge-2-52-inspirations.35900/page-2#post-635838
  10. Défi d’août #1 - Déchets de différentes tailles.jpg

    Défi d’août #1 - Déchets de différentes tailles.jpg

  11. August Challenge Flower Power

    August Challenge Flower Power

  12. Challenge #2: XDX

    Challenge #2: XDX

    A lot of my time was taken managing my assets so I could work quickly and easily when I made pages for my book. When the new releases of XDX arrived, I'd try to spend time every day on the testing. I wished I had more time to explore Garth's suggestions but always got to each one eventually.
  13. 22-08_O_August-Challenge-#1---Different-size-scrap


    August Challenge #1 - Different size scrap https://oscraps.com/community/threads/august-challenge-1-different-size-scrap.35933/#post-634892
  14. Birthday Avatar

    Birthday Avatar

    My cat, Sam, peeking at me around the curtain. 52 Inspirations Lynn Grieveson Crushing: Crushing Digital Scrapbooking Mini Kit by Lynn Grieveson at Oscraps Lynn Grieveson Make It Happy: Make It Happy Birthday Celebration Elements for Digital Scrapbooking and Cards (oscraps.com) Lynn Grieveson...
  15. Always & Always

    Always & Always

  16. The Best Life

    The Best Life

    For May's 3rd Challenge - The 52 Inspiration Challenge We finally had some warmer weather and the girls stopped to admire some new blooms! This was inspired by a layout I found on Pinterest... and now I can't find it to credit the original designer! Augh!
  17. Go Together

    Go Together

  18. 52 Inspirations for Spring

    52 Inspirations for Spring

    The yellow water iris was down at the pond and so I captured it for all time.
  19. spring is in the air

    spring is in the air

  20. 22-02_Mediterranka-Design-PhotoTemplates-spring