52 inspirations

  1. She's bought a hat like Princess Marina's

    She's bought a hat like Princess Marina's

    The title is from a song by The Kinks & is a little dark. I also have a thing for hats.
  2. Paradise


    Sometimes your own backyard is paradise.
  3. Cousins


    Created for the June 2021 Heritage Challenge using photos prior to 2016.
  4. Spring Lake

    Spring Lake

    Vicki Stegall Designs (Momma O's) April 2021 Challenge — https://oscraps.com/community/threads/vicki-stegall-designs-momma-os-april-2021-challenge.33572/
  5. April2021 Ch5.jpg

    April2021 Ch5.jpg

    I used 52 Insp.2021 #7 Vicki Stegall and 2019 #12 Vicki Stegall (word art)
  6. 52-2020-no-23-joyfulheartdesigns-grungeisgood5-pp3.jpg


    Made for the photo editing challenge Challenge 1
  7. Spring: Time to renew your wardrobe

    Spring: Time to renew your wardrobe

    I’m now in Autumn. Weather changes quickly, 2 days ago I had the air conditioning on & then the next day a thick cardigan. I thought about what I like about the arrival of spring. For me it is finally putting my heavy winter clothes away & feeling refreshed with light & colourful clothing.