52 inspirations challenge

  1. Walking through the dunes, brought me to a desert beach

    Walking through the dunes, brought me to a desert beach

    Made for the 52 Inspirations challenges In 2009 I made a lay out in PSP X2 and I forgot how I made it. I didn't keep the original file nor I wrote down how I made that (IMHO) great lay out. Now I love to play in Illustrator I tried to remake that template. I succeeded. This is a variant of the...
  2. 52 Inspirations Challenge

    52 Inspirations Challenge

    Made for the 52 Inspirations Challenge I loved the bug theme of Erins 52 part. It reminded me of a meet with some enormous dragonflies while i was bugged with enormous squadrons of helicopters. It was veteran day in teh Nethelands btw. Those creatures reminded me of.. helicopters ;) I didn't...
  3. 52 Inspirations Challenge.jpg

    52 Inspirations Challenge.jpg

  4. August2023_Ch6_52-Inspiration-Ch_All-I-need.jpg


    52 Inspirations Challenge #6 I used items from these 3 designers. Look carefully at the 52 Inspirations bacause there are some real hidden gems 52 Inspirations 52-2022-10-Vicki Stegall 52 Inspirations 52-20-17-Regina Falanga 52 Inspirations 52-22-28-Vicki Stegall 52 Inspirations 52-20-40-ETD
  5. March 52 Inspirations Challenge

    March 52 Inspirations Challenge

    Finally I could use that cute fox (from Fall in Love) from Fidlette Designs! I chose the girl from Owl Love you.
  6. A Bit of Wonderful

    A Bit of Wonderful

    An impromptu lunch invitation for Hot Dogs and Wine over an open fire turned out to be a day full of fun with Linda and Mark . After eye appointment and shopping at Costco, we enjoyed our Dogs and a glass wine and then had a lovely walk around the park where Mark lives. All products are...
  7. Breath in...

    Breath in...

    52 Inspirations 2022 No 10 Pray for Peace Scrapbook Kit by Vicki Stegall 52 Inspirations 2022 no 28 Scrapbook Paper Fragments by ViVa Artistry
  8. Rabbit Love

    Rabbit Love

  9. 23-03_O_March-Challenge-#7---52-Inspirations


    March Challenge #7 - 52 Inspirations https://oscraps.com/community/threads/march-challenge-7-52-inspirations.37206/
  10. 52 Inspirations challenge.

    52 Inspirations challenge.

    Thank you Vicky for the challenge.xx Photo from pixabay.
  11. 22-11_O_November-Challenge-#5---52-Inspirations


    November Challenge #5 - 52 Inspirations https://oscraps.com/community/threads/november-challenge-5-52-inspirations.36469/#post-644587
  12. Engagement Photo

    Engagement Photo

    Credits: for the 52 Inspiration Challenge # 2
  13. 22-08_O_August-2022-Challenge-#2---52-Inspirations


    August 2022 Challenge #2 - 52 Inspirations https://oscraps.com/community/threads/august-2022-challenge-2-52-inspirations.35900/page-2#post-635838
  14. beachy


    August 2022 Challenge #2 - 52 Inspirations
  15. The Best Life

    The Best Life

    For May's 3rd Challenge - The 52 Inspiration Challenge We finally had some warmer weather and the girls stopped to admire some new blooms! This was inspired by a layout I found on Pinterest... and now I can't find it to credit the original designer! Augh!
  16. 22-02_O_February-Challenge-#3-52-Inspirations


    February Challenge #3 - 52 Inspirations https://oscraps.com/community/threads/february-challenge-3-52-inspirations.34864/
  17. challenge 3

    challenge 3

    For the 52 inspirations challenge I used a photo from pixabay and gave it a sepia tone. Then clipped into the mask, blended a green paper from the kit above it, and gave the paper layer the blend mode color burn. Finished with the frame and flowers. thanks for looking
  18. Celebrate Photoshop

    Celebrate Photoshop

    Not much to celebrate but the new features in PS CC 2021 like Color loop uo, what I used on this lay out
  19. 52 inspirations. challenge 3.

    52 inspirations. challenge 3.

    Image is from Pixabay.
  20. April2021 Ch5.jpg

    April2021 Ch5.jpg

    I used 52 Insp.2021 #7 Vicki Stegall and 2019 #12 Vicki Stegall (word art)