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    Happy Birthday, Miki! The LO is so beautiful, but I'm taken with the words and thoughts, very much. It happened to me this past May, I'm still amazed of making this far in life. I'm considering a "lift" from yours though, it's so meaningful.
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    Comment by 'bcazzell' in media 'anna-aspnes-digital-art-artplay-Lagom Mini Palette-Jerri Lantz-Joy 2'

    This is so beautiful, Jerri! Wonderful verse as well!
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    Comment by 'bcazzell' in media 'anna-aspnes-digital-art-artplay-collection-frolic-viv-count.jpg'

    I agree about putting me in the cozy mood! We had our first hot cocoa of the season two days ago. I love all the soft layers and textures, plus the design!
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    Comment by 'bcazzell' in media 'anna-aspnes-digital-artplay-collection-frolic-giving-viv.jpg'

    Love it all so much, Viv! Congrats on the Gallery Standout!
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    A lovely page...I love the group of elements int the middle and photos on either side. Well done!
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    Comment by 'bcazzell' in media 'Before I Was Born'

    LOVE this whole page, and coloring! It's an inspiration and full of "ideas". Congrats on the Standing O!
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    Comment by 'bcazzell' in media 'anna-aspnes-digital-art-artplay-collection-frolic-ksacry JOY'

    Love this very much! Nice job on the wreath extraction.
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    Comment by 'bcazzell' in media 'anna-aspnes-digital-art-artplay-collection-frolic-michelle.jpg'

    She looks like the Star! This is beautiful, and very festive with her necklace and hair decorations.
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    Comment by 'bcazzell' in media 'First Snow.jpg'

    The first snow is really special! We had ours a few days ago which was not supposed to be "much". Glad you love documenting your first snow and your LO is so beautiful. I love seeing the equipment at work.
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    Comment by 'bcazzell' in media 'anna-aspnes-digital-art-artplay-collection-hinterland-dorci-lost in the moment.jpg'

    Beautiful! Love the linear format, the paper textures and element cluster!
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    Comment by 'bcazzell' in media 'anna-aspnes-digital-art-value-pack-medley-november-ksacry Up In The Air'

    This is just so beautiful! The bird in flight photo is amazing, and I love the LO design and textures.
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    Comment by 'bcazzell' in media '2022.11.04-Pumpkins-web.jpg'

    Thank you very much!
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