Yuletide Free Style Van Gogh

Yuletide Free Style Van Gogh

It was so amazing to be surrounded by Van Gogh's art, I tried to capture that here. One of the most beautiful parts was the almond flower petals flowing over everything - I imitated that with extracted flower petals spread over the page.
This is somewhat "blocked design" and somewhat FotoInspired, then as I was working, I read Adryane's Custom Word Transfer blog post and really wanted to add that.
Credits list
FotoInspired Template Pack 2U
ArtPlay Yuletide Collection (Artplay Palette, Artsy Kardz, FotoBlendz, MultiMedia Magic SPrinklez))
Holiday WordArt Mix 15 (title)
Outdoors Word Art Mix No 1
Love WordArt Mix 1
Life WordArt Mix 2
Seasons WordArt Mix1
Remember WordArt Mix 2
Winter WordArt Mix 1
ArtPlay Palette Anew (petals extracted from flower)

Dark Background from Yuletide.
Two photos added for background blending, one Normal, one Linear Light.
The black and white focal point photo was blended with a Yuletide FotoBlendz.
Several photos Framed and Masked with FotoInspired.
WordArt added to fill in spaces.
Petals duplicated, resized and turned to flow over the page, some Normal, some in Lumosity Blending Mode.
Magic Sprinklez added.
Designer(s) Used:
  1. Anna Aspnes
I love the almond petals and imagine maybe they were like big white sparkles out of the corner of your eye.

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