Win Win Smile_APP Jubilate_NAdams_600.jpg

Win Win Smile_APP Jubilate_NAdams_600.jpg

AnnaColor Challenge

For a homeschool science project, we examined surface tension in bubbles. We really just like blowing bubbles.
Credits list
APP Jubilate plus Bonus Collection Release
APP Jubilate
Jubilate FotoBlendz
Celebrate WA
Magic Bubbles No. 2

LDavison Mouse Masque Bubbles

APP Jubilate Artsy paper was used for the ground. The focal image was blended into the paper with a Jubilate FotoBlendz. Jubilate elements-frame, thread, camera- frame the plastic cutters used to blow bubbles. An APP Jubilate was clipped to the Frame to add more color to the design. The Bubbles brushes created the overlay. Celebrate Wordart "Win Win" was used for the title.

Thank you for looking!
Designer(s) Used:
  1. Anna Aspnes
  2. Lorie Davison
I love this portrait. She doesn't seem the least bit aware she's getting her picture taken, and it's so sweet and natural. Great with the APP background. Jealous of that hair!
A fun experiment! Love how you added the color to the frame. Now you have to tell us about your findings :)

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Win Win Smile_APP Jubilate_NAdams_600.jpg
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