White Rock Lake Picnic #2 - Portiere

White Rock Lake Picnic #2 - Portiere

I started on this a few days ago, a companion page to my Jan 25 post, photos taken on the same day. Don't know yet if I can make a book with these old photos, but I'm heading that direction anyway.

Journaling: We had lots of picnics. Nothing fancy, just baloney sandwiches and Pepsi, in the glass bottles, poured into our rainbow-colored tin (or aluminum, I don’t know) glasses. We thought it was a huge treat and never knew we could go to a restaurant to eat out. We didn’t even know that was a thing (if it was), back in the 60’s.

We looked happy enough, I don't really remember being there. And I'm still amazed at how good my mom looked after four kids, with one more boy added in 1969.

I started with Portiere Artsy Paper 4, and added Artsy Layered Template stains, textures, paint, etc only layers, all rotated as a group. Then I place my photo with an inverse mask, and brushed in the parts I wanted. My dad had a bad habit of cutting off tops of heads and feet, so that's why my mom's top of head is missing. Embellished with Portiere elements, overlays, button threadz, and word art. Then placed a Color Lookup 1 (PS) above the elements, followed by MultiMediaSun and Magic Sprinklez, trying out a custom gradient to match the beads and a reduced opacity glitter style.
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I love your heritage page. Reminds me of when my family traveled. Wonderful memories!
Beautiful! Love the natural capture and the way you've blended the photo.
Times were simpler then. We ate out rarely. My grandmothers liked to cook for lots of people, so that's what they did. Looking forward to more pages like this :)

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