Welcome to baby Elliott! It was a wild 48-hour ride, with some major blips--the birthing center may look Instagram-worthy but needs to up its game big time. But all is now well, with everybody settled back home. Elliott of course is unparalleled in every way, and my heart is completely lost to him.

This was a quick layout using pretty much all the supplies in the new Twinkle release...because I am still kind of fried, I took a simple approach and just started stacking things...first the Holiday WordART Cluster, then the Fotoblendz frame/photo under it, then the Holiday Multimedia elements around that, and then a few Artsy Papers layered up on a blend mode beneath. Though a simple portrait page, I wanted to create depth and richness, so I used lots of transfers/overlays from the Artplay Palette.
Congratulation on your new grandson! How nice to have a new one at Christmas time. Fantastic and fun page with the new collection!
Congratulations! I'm glad all went well in the end. Whew! That's a beautiful photo and I love the sweet nostalgic elements you added to the page.
welcome to this new little guy! a great adventure that starts for parents and grandparents! very pretty page!
Congratulations! I'm so happy for you. I love how you have all the wonder of the Christmas season in the background of your page, but most of all the joy in your photo, especially in Dad's expression. They're angels with that soft yellow light behind them, and it sounds like Elliott came out fine in the end and that's what matters.
Congratulations Laura with your beautiful grandson! I love you made straight away a great page, the photo is so great. Enjoy another wonderful time! Also congratulations to the happy parents, they can be proud!
Yah and oh congratulations to all! (I saw the Cave Glow post!) Fabulous page! So much depth! Love your use of the palette and all the elements and layers - corresponds to the richness of the occasion!
Congratulations! Excited for your family. Glad everything worked out. Beautiful page of the happy couple. Perfect title.
How wonderful! Welcome to Elliott and Congratulations to the whole family! Beautiful golden light in the photo and what a wonderful way to say hello to the holidays. Many more pages in Elliott's future, I'm sure.

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