Time Ticks

Time Ticks

So at the beginning of the new year I'm musing how life will continue
and what steps I want and can take myself.
I am well aware that no one's time is infinite!

Songtext (via GoogleTranslate)

Time is ticking
the hours around
taps the leaves on the ground
pulls up the sun
the moon down
and the rooster crows good morning

Yes, the time
ticks your life away
very sad and very happy
and the rooster crows
– all the time – ever good morning

Herman Van Veen

Some ProcesNotes

  1. Because Anna’s clocks inspired me, I choosed a simple template from my stash that provide me with three small circles at the right side. Thats my starting-point.
  2. I had a songtext in mind for the journaling (see translation) and searched for a rooster.
  3. Than I started ‘playing’ with the papers and blend modes, transfers and brushes, elements and colors. I cann’t describe that ‘circulair’ process – it’s error and fail; it’s starting again; it’s being surprised by accidents; and it’s ready after a few hours of fun, although it’s never what I had in mind when I started!
Credits list
AnnaAspnes ArtPlay Sayonara Collection (new in store and availible with discount through 2023 febr 3)

For this layout I used:
AnnaAspnes ArtPlayPalette Brimming (backgroundpaper recolored)
Rooster - JopkeDesigns
Designer(s) Used:
  1. Anna Aspnes
I love reading your process steps - sometimes I too really can't explain how I got where I did, because accidents happen, and I often let pages sit for days. a great horizontal design, reinforced by the stripes (I love stripes) and the circles/clocks.
Circles and stripes in that linear format are perfect! The poem is definitely recreated in the layout.
Love, love, love your great page Vivre, also very creative, the song of Herman van Veen is very beautiful!
I LOVE this. It just called to me!! I want to give you a standing O but it's already done. Everyone has said what I wanted to!

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