Beach fun.jpg

Beach fun.jpg

It's a well known fact that Scottish summers are fickle to say the least so imagine our joy when we lucked out one August!

I started with an artsy paper then enlarged it as I only wanted the texture on the left hand side of the page. I masked the photograph and painted back the figure, behind this I positioned one of the transfers then played about with various transfers and overlays duplicating if I wanted more definition. The twig element I duplicated; first twig I added ribbon elements, the second I positioned the Beach word between the word and shadow layer - enlarged then erased part of the twig so it looked like the twig was intertwined through the letters. I used this same technique to 'thread' buttons on to the twig and intertwine the black thread from the beaded word art.

I added the sun but wasn't happy with the composition until the frame pulled it all together!
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  1. Anna Aspnes
Love the blended framing with the sand spilling down and that yellow sun peeking out. Beautiful!
I love the color of the sea flowing across the page. It gives the feeling of movement. Then those brilliant colors from the photo just really grab you and draw you in.
What a lovely photo spilling out of the frame and onto the softly blended backdrop!

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