The Zone

The Zone

Anna Aspnes Designs

APP Twilight Zone https://www.oscraps.com/shop/AnnaRelease-7-August-2020.html
(Solid Paper 3, Transfer 1, Paper Texture 1, Texture Overlay 1, White Splatter, Robot, Transfer 3, Gold Spatter)
Twilight Zone FotoBlendz 1-5, 1-1
Twilight Zone Word Art Mix GW Zone, Stranger Things, LW Enter the Twilight Zone
Multimedia Magic Sprinklez 1-1

APP Twilight Zone Solid Paper 3 creates the foundation for this design. The Twilight Zone FotoBlendz were inserted. The photo was inserted, duplicated and clipped to each FotoBlendz. The Blending Modes on the photos were adjusted to normal and Hardlight. A third copy of the photo was partically extracted to boost the figures. The paper textures and overlays were added to the large area at the bottom. Transfer was placed on top of the design in the TV area and set to Overlay Blending Mode. The title was created with the WordArt and the Multimedia Magic Sprinklez.

I used a little artistic license and inserted an internet image of Twilight Zone (Nightmare at 20,000) into the TV screen..

Thank you for looking!
Love how this all came together! The black and white photo is classic!
this is so cool! I really like how they are all on the floor what a fun photo! love the photo in the TV
Love this. The use of lighting, color and splatters with the dark contrast.
This is so cool! I love how the light moves across the page with the glows. It reminds me of a still from an old movie or t.v. show.
This is absolutely darling. Looks like they are both watching an episode of stranger things and in it!

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