The tourist.jpg

The tourist.jpg

An old photo from 2008 - an Australian friend of my daughters; she took him to Edinburgh and he thought it was a good idea to buy a "jimmy" hat - a great example of Scottish self mockery.

I started with two of the plain papers, reduced the darker one and then layered transfers on top, extending outside the edge of the paper to create interest on the left hand side. On top of this is the frame then the brush of Edinburgh Castle. I extracted the figure then made it into a sticker, I felt this was appropriate given the tourist subject of the page. Next came the elements layered on top. I needed to balance the page so spent some time faffing with Anna's Easy Curled edges to create the look you see here and then tucked some more elements behind the paper.
Credits list
***ArtPlay Winter Sojourn Collection***
Available from 22 Feb – 1 March 2023
I used:
ArtPlay Sojourn
ArchiTextures No 4
Sojourn Word Art Mix No 1

Also used:
Easy Curled Edges: https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Easy-Curled-Edges-No-1.html
Urban Stitchez: https://www.oscraps.com/shop/UrbanStitchez-No-12.html
Paper sandwiched behind elements at the corner: https://www.oscraps.com/shop/MultiMedia-Documents-No-10.html
Designer(s) Used:
  1. Anna Aspnes
Wow!! I cann’t stop studying the edges and corners. I like to make my pages a bit smaller with a white marge. And I love what you did.
Such an excellent extraction turned into a sticker! I love his "jimmy" hat (I'm part Scottish and have my Lewis clan plaid in a scarf (McLeod). Fascinating paper curl uses. Super fun page with this fellow.
encadrement original et réussi pour ce jeune homme souriant ! j'aime ce design concentré en coin supérieur !

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