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The Season We Are in Live Fully.jpg

She was my mother’s oldest sister. She was an excellent cook and gardener. The yard was often full of color because of her flowers. I remember the tasty preserves and the yummy fried, dried apple pies.
Lena Izera Phillips (1906-1985)
I often look back and reflect on the hours and days spent with all of my aunts. The images bring many questions about their personal stories they did not share. This becomes more true as I approach the ages and photos that show them as I
remember them best.
(I picked the Canna Lily to go with photo, because she had them in the yard. The longer I looked at the picture, I wondered if it was a tobacco plant.)
Credits list
FotoInspired Template Pack 3A-3
APP Sayonara Collection
APP Sayonara
Multimedia Sprinklez No. 4-3
Button Threadz No. 6
Seasons WordArt Clusters No. 1

The FotoInspired Template was opened. The photo was inserted into the mask. The mask was adjusted to Color Burn blending mode; duplicated and adjusted to Softlight. The Opacity on each layer was adjusted. This is why the "white" sky disappeared. A partial extraction of the top of figure brought in the details on an extra layer. The APP Sayonara Artsy Paper No. 1 was pushed to the background. The layers of the Multimedia sprinklez were used on both sides of the design. Button Threadz were added to the buttons. Brushes from the APP Sayonara palette were spread around the design and recolored.

Thank you for looking!
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  1. Anna Aspnes
I like the way you used this template, with just one color photo. Beautiful page!
Love the way you’ve used the template. Your journaling tells the story even more.
Oh this is wonderful! A unique way to use the template and that unexpected burst of colour in the circular frame accentuates the story beautifully! Your Aunt sounds wonderful and I love that she is now immortalised in your page!
What a wonderful heritage page. The pop of color from the flower photo is a nice touch. Congrats on your GSO!

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