The Hill We Climb - FotoInspiredTemplatePack3A

The Hill We Climb - FotoInspiredTemplatePack3A

The 1/2 mile lane to our house is mostly uphill. We don't think about it much, until we get snow/ice/freezing rain, or have to walk up it. After being iced-in since Sunday, we had to get out for doctor appt. and groceries.

Journaling: I wish I’d taken pictures the day before when we spent an hour and a half trying to get up the hill to our house, but I was kind of upset. I took these pics the day after in Ron’s 4-wheel drive pickup without problems. The large middle photo is about 1/3 the way up where we lost momentum and had to back down to the bottom, once getting sideways. After 3 attempts, I walked the half mile up to the house to get the tractor with the box blade to clear what we could.

On the 4th attempt, Ron did the driving. He backed all the way down again and across the road a ways to the neighbors drive to turn around, and then floored it, hoping to not meet any oncoming cars, which he did, but they slowed down enough. When he hit the gravel he left his seat, but he made it, my front wheel drive Venza no worse for the wear, but the ice cream got soft.

I started with P7 of the Foto Inspired Template Pack 3A, clipping my photos and papers or artsy kardz to the masks. I placed KardStock Winter 1-9 below the template along with transfers and overlays. Above the template layers I added textures, Magic Snow Spray, MultiMedia Branch, (adjusting the hue of the button), button threadz, text boxes, comments with the Labeled papers below and the title.
Credits list
FotoInspired Template Pack 3A p7 (just released and Now on sale)
KardStock Winter 1-9, 1-5
ArtPlay Palette Infatuated Transfer 1, Solid Paper 2, Artsy Kardz 7 and 3, Artsy Layered Template 232 (various layers) (all included in the Value Pack Love No. 2 plus more, on sale)
ArtPlay Palette Behold Overlay 2
Cool Glows 4-7
Magic Snow Spray 1-3
MultiMedia Branches 6-2
Button Threadz 6-8, included in the ArtPlay Collection Sayonara on sale
ArtPlay Palette Winter Wonderland word art
Labeled 2
Designer(s) Used:
  1. Anna Aspnes
Love all of your winter photos! That's some experience to get up the drive! Love the cluster over the tag!
What a contrast between those beautiful photos and that nasty story that goes with it. Very nicely documented.
I would never think to document bad weather but after seeing this I think I need to rethink -great page and it's these kind of moments that need to be recorded that's what life is all about after all!
I do like some snow each year, but if it hangs around more than 3 days: I agree with you! Beautiful photos!
Sounds frustrating, cold, and a little dangerous. Glad you finally made it.
Fabulous use of the template.
Amazing that the sky is so blue. Great us of the template. Love the glows and cluster and your storytelling.

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