Sun Fun

Sun Fun

Inspiration- I color label my photos in Lightroom and I was looking at pictures with yellow and saw the ones I had taken of the kayak and canoe rental at the marsh and that sent me looking at kayakers. And from there the page took on it's life.

Start – New File File>New 12x12 300

Paper – Placed Solid Paper 1 above the background layer

Frame – Took a frame from Oscaps Living Life collaboration and moved to the page

Photo – Attached my photo to the mask layer using Layer>Create Clipping Mask

Transfer – Put Artsy Transfer 3 at the top of the page and beside it the stain transfer which I recolored using Edit>Fill.

Element cluster – Started with the tape, then added lady bug, grass which I recolored to match the grass in the picture, the leaf which I also recolored, the word strip (also recolored) and the oar from APP Coastline which I entwined with the tape by selecting the pixels of the tape then selecting the oar and erasing parts. I added a drop shadow to everything that needed it.

Element – Placed Multimedia Sun 3.5 in a circle on the transfer and recolored the glow layer.

Brush – Brush 8 I placed in the lower left corner in a gold, I put a splatter brush just above the brush 8 in blue.

Title – word art – Sun Fun used as title
I like the effect of windows you've created with the photo mask and the artsy transfer reminds me of a port hole looking out to the sun.

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