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Sea Beach_Surf's Up_Joan Robillard 1000.jpg

Inspiration – On Monday I went down to see the buoy that had broken loose and landed on the beach. I cannot walk far so my pictures are in the distance but makes for a good memory page. And since the current classic is Surf's Up these were the perfect pictures to use.
Start – Artsy Layered Template 269. Removed all layers but the frames.
Paper- Solid Paper 1 was placed over the background layer.
Mask – Multilayered Fotoblendz 7.4.
Photo – I used my friend Rachel's pictures because she got closer than me. Attached two photos to the frames and the focal photo I was attached to the mask using Layer>Create Clipping Mask.
Extractions- I took a news photo of the buoy, extracted the buoy, and added to the page a little over one of the frames.
Transfers – Added Artsy Transfer Surf's Up to the upper left corner. Transfer one was put under the bottom photo.
Elements – Beach Wordart Mix 3 beads were placed on the buoy, and Multimedia Shells 1.6 were placed over the lower part of the focal photo. A word transfer was placed under the title.
Title – used a Wordart from Beach Wordart Mix 3.
Brushes – Used brush 3 from Surf's Up and an artstroke and splatter brush (in green).
Journaling - During the last spring storm the harbor buoy at Wells Harbor broke loose and ended up on the beach. The Coast Guard came that day to retrieve it and take it to be fixed before returning to its place as a guardian of the harbor.
Added drop shadows where necessary.
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Wonderful documentation of the event and photos. Love the extraction. Congrats on the GSO!
Cool story! We could see the R10 buoy at the entrance to King Harbor from our balcony (and hear the sea lions who would rest on the base and fight for position), then one day I looked it up and was astounded to learn it is about 9 feet tall. Looks so little from across the harbor. Would be fun to see one up close. Love the extracted buoy - it really makes the page
What an interesting story to scrap about! Congrats on your GSO for doing it so well!
This is awesome and an interesting story. I have a friend who lives there I wonder if he saw it. Congrats on the GSO

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