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I once had a kind, hard-working farmer man that lived about one mile from my house. He was dutiful about working on his family's farm that had been passed down through the generations.
When I would pass by, he would always wave and usually be busy attending to his farm duties.He seemed to live a nice life and raised his family there. He kept his farm immaculate and painted" established 1946" on the front of his barn.He passed just a few years ago and the farm did not stay in the family.The new owners immediately painted over his 1946 and made many changes to his farm, mostly not farming but just using the residence. I pass by frequently and miss the wave that he always managed with a smile and regret that his farm changed families.When I worked on this page,I changed the barn color but I will always remember the 1946 and the smiling kind being that worked so hard to make a home.
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  1. Anna Aspnes
Love your story. So many changes, it's nice that you're ;) saving the memories at least.
Nice story and wonderful looking barn. Not sure why someone would paint over such history, good that you remember. Love the whitish surround and the embellishments!
What a perfect "sister page" to that other farm layout you posted. Such a sweet story, love that you added the 1946 and that you keep his story alive. This is such a great layout, I'm giving you a Standing O!
I love how you used the brushes to illustrate your story. Congrats on your Standing O!
Beautiful way to remember the man and his life as a hardworking, kind person.
Love the 1946 on the barn.

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