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I started with a very different idea of what my page would look like... I was planning to create a neat cut-out frame - layered - and place my scene at the center. I wanted to recreate the world I wish to travel and see and explore... by land, by water, by air... visit sights and meet people... with the dragon - the virus - guarding the entrance... Perhaps - hopefully - it is symbolic of the times that my fantasy got out of hand and spilled out of the frame and that means hope is strong and better days are ahead.
OMG what an amazing fantasy world. You rocked this challenge. So much to see.... just like a storybook as well. Thank you for joining the challenge.
So creative! It's like a Where's Waldo picture. There is so much to see! I've used your layout in the Show Me Game for Day 5 of the Twelve Days of December.

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