Project Template Album 7 - Mississippi River

Project Template Album 7 - Mississippi River

My knowledge of geography, especially US geography, is pathetic. My sense of
cardinal direction can be similarly described, (although I have done well with Portland’s nicely aligned grid structure). Thus I had no idea that the Mississippi River cut through Minnesota. I’ve seen the Mississippi before, as we often used to fly through St. Louis, TWA’s hub. Thus I strapped Oz in the Ergo and we headed for the river, just about a mile away from our apartment downtown. They call these waterfalls, this one is St. Anthony’s Falls. I don’t mean to scoff at their
waterfalls, but ...
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Project Template Album 7 - this is being used for Project 2021
ArtPlay Palette Aubade
Artsy Kardz Aubade
MultiMedia Leaves 9
White Wood Alpha No 2
Button Threadz 5
This is one of those pages worked on for a few days, so hard to know what I did, except I started with the Frames from Project Template Album 7. A couple of the photos (on the right) are just placed as-is, with a drop shadow. I added a map of the Mississippi River, 2 copies in Overlay mode at reduced opacity. Minimal embellishments, placed in a Visual Triangle.
Woodshop Alpha Set No 1
Urban Threadz Framed No 4
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What a gorgeous spread from a family album... I love that you fit so many photos on your page and the way you arranged them, the torn edge is a nice touch. Your wordart is fantasic and your journaling is the perfect mixture of humor and storytelling. I just have to give you the standing O for this spread!
Congrats on the Standing O!
Fun journaling!
The Mississippi runs through 10 states so, as one of my teachers used to say, if the question is what river is it? answer the Mississippi - you have a good chance of being correct (lol).
Congratulations on your StandingO! Fabulous layout - I love those little baby eyes!
Great photos of the buildings and bridge! Congrats on the Standing O!

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