Project 2023 P16 A Lasting Imprint

Project 2023 P16 A Lasting Imprint

Page 16 of the template was placed on the left side of the double layout. Photos were clipped to the fotoblendz and framed masks, Alfresco Artsy Paper 2 was clipped to one frame, and some frames were rearranged. Alfresco Solid Paper 2 was placed for the foundation. Stains, etc. of the template were recolored. The large photo was extended on the sides with Generative Fill and my red pants were changed to pink. The photo of Grandma and her sisters, whose feet were cut off, was also extended, and the cowboy photo was extracted with drop shadow added. Elements, transfers and Project 23 Word Art for Day 16 was placed. Finished with journaling.

Steve and I took another big trip in 1964. We still lived in Tulsa, but I guess Mama & Daddy couldn’t make it to the Sprouse Family Reunion in Colorado. So, Steve and I took a bus from Tulsa to Albuquerque and then we rode with Grandma and Grandpa. The photo above is Grandma and her two sisters, Wanda and Helen. They had five brothers, Bob, Fred, Eugene, Jack and Montie Joe, who is in his 90’s now and the only one still living. Montie Joe, everybody’s favorite uncle, and the youngest of Grandma’s siblings. I only remember one thing about this trip, and it left a lasting, scandalous impression. I’ve never told anyone till now. On the bus trip Steve and I took alone, we found a Playboy magazine. We took turns scrunched down by the window, looking at it, trying to hide while the other one was the lookout. I remember being embarrassed. And we never talked about it again. You’d think I would have remembered the kittens, or something!
Credits list
Project Template Album No 9 p 16
ArtPlay Palette Alfresco (paper, artsy paper, label word, butterfly)
Button Threadz 2-11
Artsy Stains
Project 2023 WordArt Day 16
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  1. Anna Aspnes
Love the extraction! Adds so much personality to the page! Great photos of the family reunion.

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