Pritchett Arch

Pritchett Arch

Pritchett Arch

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the sign- Round-trip hiking distance is 1.2 miles with 240 feet elevation gain. Trail is marked with rock cairns. You will have to scramble up steep slopes over loose rocks and up bare slick rock. Wear sturdy hiking boots with tough tread.
[pritchett arch] We took Behind the Rocks Drive to the trailhead for Pritchett Arch. We stopped along the way at Picture Frame Arch and the Kane Creek Overlook. The 15-mile jeep trail was moderately difficult and took about two hours each way. The hike was strenuous and took an hour and a half. It was a great way to finish our trip to Moab.

I almost turned around at the trailhead sign and the hike was scary but I'm glad I took the risks. The arrow points to Mr. DK to give a sense of scale to the enormous arch.
the scale is impressive! nice job finishing the trek. another beautiful page.
You have a distinctive distribution of your subjects, very much your own!
Love your "simple" pages with oodles of white space - they are all gorgeous!
Looks like the car needs tough treads too! You get some wonderful shots on your adventures!! Great layout!
Love your photos! My son lived in Moab a while back and we got to see these beautiful arches! Beautiful!
Beautiful job! the brushes coordinate perfect to pull those photo together.........fabulous!

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