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ArtsyTransfers Kinsfolk (Mid-Week Release)
Family WordART Mix No. 1FamilyWordARTMixNo.1
Trees No. 2TreesNo.2
MultiMedia Branches No. 7MultiMediaBranchesNo.7
Dripped Stains No. 1DrippedStainsNo.1
Font: Stylist Pro

Process Notes: Using solid paper 1 as my foundation and using the rectangle shape tool, I drew out a rectangle and duplicated it twice and I clipped solid paper 4 to each rectangle.

I stamped the tree brush, resizing and positioning where I wanted it and duplicated it one more time. I recolored the first tree white and with the arrow keys, moved it down and to the right.

Below the tree but above the left side rectangle/paper, I placed a transfer from the palette, resizing it and below it I added a word transfer. At this point I shadowed the rectangles and duplicated the tree one more time, taking it down the layers panel underneath the rectangles and putting it on Overlay blend mode. Going back up the layers panel to the original two trees, I used a layers mask on each of them and brushed out the trees between the rectangles allowing the shadow to show. I also brushed away a bit of the trunk for the same reason. I prefer using a layer mask over the eraser tool in case I want to change my mind.

This is when I started working with the artsy transfers. I love them simply because I can use bits and pieces of each of them, or as a whole. In this case I used bits and pieces from several, blending in over the rectangles and tree and under the rectangles. On some I used a layer mask, brushing away hard edges. I picked up art strokes from some and placed them at the edge of the page and over the left rectangle and running at the bottom of the rectangles.

I also used several more word art transfers running down the trunk of the tree and off to the upper right side.

Using a leaf from the MM branches, I placed it on the page, because isnt there always a leaf that hangs on when all the others have fallen. I brought in the birds, recolored them and again using a layers mask, I brushed away the piece they were sitting on and positioned them at the top of the rectangles.

I added a dripped stain underneath the trunk of the tree coming down from under the right side rectangle and finished the page with the title nestled within the word art, using a color from the rectangle paper on both. That finished this page.
This is really beautifully creative. Thank you so much Barbara for sharing your process.

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